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Chat added to the website. Just click the bottom left hand corner to collaborate

Obviously I’m proud of the ongoing feature upgrade to the site.

I will continue to add features to make the pace easier to use and foster collaboration.

Genesis threads. The database.

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Steven Williams was 48 years old, with mostly dark thinning hair. He had been working various Information Technology contracts for the past dozen years. He had worked for the Pentagon before as well as the CIA, and the NSA.

This contract was open ended and required he pass another battery of background checks.

He had been given access to a vast database that had been obtained by NASA and quickly transferred into the intelligence community. He had known the hardware engineers who had worked on that side of the project. A large number of hard disks were recovered from a computer system that simply had not been compatible with anything on Earth.

The IT engineer, ran his hand through his hair, adjusted his glasses and continued to stare at the 27 inch screen on his desk. The hardware engineers had worked 21 months on their part of the project. Drives had been recovered, his friends said that they were from a dead technology stream dropped by a high tech start up a dozen years ago.

This lie was laughable. Everyone knew that the drives had been recovered from an alien space craft of massive proportions. Nobody was told where it was. Some said between moons of Jupiter, others moons of Saturn. It had been hidden away for many hundreds of thousands of years.

The engineering task was substantial. The drives had sat without power for many centuries. The vacuum seals on the platters had disintegrated, allowing just and debris onto the drive platters.

Each of the drives had been disassembled in a clean room, carefully cleaned and installed into custom drive containers built under a special contract between the DOD and Western Digital. It had taken months to make the drives work. There had been damage to many of the platters and the data was far from complete.

Still, thousands of drives had been recovered and rebuilt into new drive assemblies. Nobody knew what the system was for writing the data on the drives. Nobody had realized what they had until Williams had had a breakthrough some hours ago.

Based on the reports from the recovery crew they had extracted disk drives from a number of systems aboard the mysterious space ship wreck. The rebuild drive array had been networked and organized the way it had been recovered.

What Williams had discovered was that four of the drive sets were actually copies of one and other. Though there was damage to almost every platter, all the binary data was written to four places. So if it was missing in one place, the same data was available on one of the three redundant drive sets.

The problem of course was figuring out how the data was organized. Williams did not know the alient operating system. He saw binary data, most likely encrypted. Working for the US government however, he obtained a lot of time on a lot of supercomputers to test his theory.

The former hacker had written a custom program to analyze patterns. It had run for six weeks and detected what was most likely some kind of database. A dozen forms later he had copied the data to a modern disk array. It was the best EMC could provide.

Then Williams had to write a program to figure out how to read the database. That had taken 8 weeks and a lot of weekends. The divorced IT guru’s relationship with his current girlfriend had suffered. But he had gotten the job done.

He had requested and received photos of the ship wreck and run them through some language recognition algorithms developed at MIT. The name of the ship was Galactic or Galactica. The experts were not sure. The script looked like a combination of Greek and Hebrew.

It was 4 am and his program, borrowing time on a dozen different government funded computer arrays had hit pay dirt. Of course the language was not English, but he had the MIT code built into the interface.

On what looked like a really bad Windows smartphone interface, Williams poked and pecked at a touch screen. What he saw made his jaw drop.

Video log files. Williams knew these would not play. He would have to design a codec to properly decompress the data and show it on the screen.

Still there was a treasure trove of information.

History of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol

Specifications for for computer and information systems.

Specifications and maintenance manuals for a number of craft, one designated snake or viper, the other raptor.

Scientific Specifications for FTL, Faster Than Light jump propulsion systems.

Plans and designs for a Class Mercury Battlestar.

Williams clicked that. After a delay there were several graphic images and documents available. Roughly his database translator had made them into PDF files. He was looking at them on a powerful Linux based computer.

“Well how do you like that?” Williams mused. “I may not be able to build a death star, but it looks like with enough money we can build ourselves a battlestar.”

Williams yawned, sent an email to his supervisor, kicked a backup and walked out of his office. He needed a couple hours of sleep before the firestorm he had kicked up with his data recovery. On Monday he would have to write a CODEC to watch the video.

Meeting set: Friday 4 pm PST

There will be notices in world.

Just a get together to discuss getting this project rolling. Anax has agreed to take over storytelling and some day to day management tasks. He will be in transit but there is no reason not to meet.

Thinking about forums again

Well I put in bbpress, because it looked easy. I’ve also integrated twiter into the site.

If you post, we tweet. I will see about facebook integration as well. I’m on a roll

Original post below:


I really like the wordpress site. It is simple to administer and allowed me to do a lot of visuals.

But we need forums:

Please read this article:


Please let me know what you think.

Any feature you think the site needs? If its free and its a plugin, I will give it to you.


Sim still supported. Future after Lindsey. After Shmuel

Lindsey also known as Muffy was our creative storytelling inspiration. She sparked the rebirth of the sim and sadly she has left us, hopefully temporarily due to heavy real life responsibilities.

I can understand. 5 weeks ago I got the flu on the way to Israel and it took 4 weeks to kick it. I literally found it hard to get out of bed, let alone work or log into SL. In two weeks I must go back to Israel for Passover and to assist in the care of my father in law who though he has survived cancer, has been thrown out by his wife of 19 years.

My own mother has recently went through surgery and in need of care as well.

I want to let the community know, I support it. As long as I am working the sim will be funded. We must face facts. If we are to have a sim, we need a driving force. We need someone to be the heart and soul of the place as Lindsey was and as yevka was before that.

I will try to make myself available and I encourage everyone to reach out in any way they can, talk, gmail, this forum. We have a story to tell, a dream to lay out. We shall not let it perish from the realty we know as virtual.

It is my wish to build the sim up to a point where it is self sustaining and I  have no role at all other than silent partner. Though I would not mind a cameo playing a Cain like character.

Stay strong.

Step up.


Our old youtube videos

Several versions all quite cool


Welcome to the new Battlestar Mercury

Where great role play games start is with great stories.

So we will start out, initially without forums with a means of publishing and commenting on stories.

150,000 years ago, Admiral Adama died, on his hilltop in solitude.  Of all the survivors of the Colonies, mankind descended from a cylon-human hybrid child.

Adama’s final orders were to destroy the technology, but circumstances prevented this. At least one raptor was abandoned and buried on the earth. Perhaps another elsewhere in the solar system.

What if Sam did not fly into the sun, but slingshot around to a dark place, where he and Galactica eventually died. Died with hard disks and media that could be read.

A world, the not to distant future discovers this technology and begins to reach out into the stars. The cylons did not die out either and they are out there, changing.

Earth can use this technology to save a world in deprivation, or sink into a chaos as seen in the book series, “The Hunger Games”.

Do you want to post great stories and participate in the discussion? Sign up for an account, notify us and we’ll upgrade and give you publishing rights.

Shmuel & Eva