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Story event timeline

As Im trying, between work, classrs, and finding a few minutes to eat or even sleep, Im still working over the event timeline of the game. Im curious what ratio of action/combat to roleplay/problem and puzzle solving people prefer. The decisions will eliminate some events, enable others and generally determine the overall environment of the game. With a small player base, I can write events that focus entirely upon us. Thats the beauty of a smaller player base. Its more like the series with everyone having a major role.

Or, I can instead have a NPC command element, for example, an Earth based HQ that calls the shots, we all are more like the team assigned to perform tasks we may not understand, till later as the story unfolds.

If we decide to play a more combat oriented game I would encourage the use of alternate characters as a means to have meaningful deaths. That would be permanent death. But to tell a good action storyline, characters we come to love must die in order to draw the emotional immersion that keeps us coming back. It also means that anyone is a candidate for death. Up to you.

Finally, if all goes as planned, in a month or so ( end of April’ish) I can participate more after classes let out for the summer.  I have given myself two weeks to really begin to harden up the many many ideas gloating around in my head, but I want the final schedule of events to be what everyone is excited about.


What I can guarantee, right now, is that this storyline will take several turns nobody is expecting, and Im not overstating that. If this game goes to its conclusion, I think it may just be the greatest work Ive ever written and I cant wait to share it.



Chat added to the website. Just click the bottom left hand corner to collaborate

Obviously I’m proud of the ongoing feature upgrade to the site.

I will continue to add features to make the pace easier to use and foster collaboration.

Meeting set: Friday 4 pm PST

There will be notices in world.

Just a get together to discuss getting this project rolling. Anax has agreed to take over storytelling and some day to day management tasks. He will be in transit but there is no reason not to meet.

Sim still supported. Future after Lindsey. After Shmuel

Lindsey also known as Muffy was our creative storytelling inspiration. She sparked the rebirth of the sim and sadly she has left us, hopefully temporarily due to heavy real life responsibilities.

I can understand. 5 weeks ago I got the flu on the way to Israel and it took 4 weeks to kick it. I literally found it hard to get out of bed, let alone work or log into SL. In two weeks I must go back to Israel for Passover and to assist in the care of my father in law who though he has survived cancer, has been thrown out by his wife of 19 years.

My own mother has recently went through surgery and in need of care as well.

I want to let the community know, I support it. As long as I am working the sim will be funded. We must face facts. If we are to have a sim, we need a driving force. We need someone to be the heart and soul of the place as Lindsey was and as yevka was before that.

I will try to make myself available and I encourage everyone to reach out in any way they can, talk, gmail, this forum. We have a story to tell, a dream to lay out. We shall not let it perish from the realty we know as virtual.

It is my wish to build the sim up to a point where it is self sustaining and I  have no role at all other than silent partner. Though I would not mind a cameo playing a Cain like character.

Stay strong.

Step up.


The Machine Test

The machine test

How do we place value on a human?
Do we weigh its worth in how productive it is? Of course, that does not consider past performance or future performance potential. Past performance is irrelevant because it offers nothing of value presently. Future performance can not be quantified because it is unknown.
Perhaps they can be measured by usefulness. But then, anything a human can do, a machine can be made to do better, faster, and more perfectly. That being said, humans are no longer useful.
Maybe creativity. But humans are prone to errors in reasoning and engineering. So anything created or designed by humans is subject to extensive testing and redesign, which a machine can do faster and more precisely. So human creation is not dependable which nullifies the ability to assign value, since that value is fleeting.
Obviously humanity is not able to pass endurance, longevity, upgradeability or adaptability standards that a machine can easily pass. They are slower, weaker, fragile and need constant maintenance and can only perform for limited times before expiring.
Humans can not access data from a collective, preventing them from downloading  new skills and updates, nor can they upload a copy of their latest status if damaged or destroyed beyond repair.
In short, humans can not be said to have any intrinsic set value, unlike a machine, who can be evaluated for potential use, can precisely quantify its entire usefulness in the past and be modified, rebuilt, repaired, redesigned, repurposed and evolve into a superior machine as soon as superior design is created.
Humans, have no value. Thus, the eradication of humanity will not affect the Cylon Empire in any negative way.
Humans fail the machine test.

Let us honor them

With respect for those who were killed in the recent shootings, the final chapter will be delayed. It was agreed by the staff of this project, that posting material with violent or uncomfortable material would be in poor taste until the fresh raw emotions have had time to fade some and we all have had time to process this tragedy.


The fictional violence portrayed in this project is ONLY intended as a means to tell the story of a fictional starship and her fictional crew. The staff does NOT condone real life violence in any way shape or form.

Please hug the ones you love this holiday season. Tell them you love them. Keep them close. Fantasy is fantasy, but real life is all that matters. Keep the spirit of what this season is about in your heart.


Live each day like its your last. Love like the first time you met. Forgive like nothing else matters. Give to others as if they were family. Let the joy and hope and love of the spirit of the season guide you and keep you and stay with you.


So say we all!