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Whoa, plot thickens

OK, lots of OOC knowledge here. PLEASE be careful not to let it slip into game play. The discussion between Shelby and the Commodore is something nobody will know about, that means what was discussed will not be known or speculated upon.


One thing that DID happen that players can discuss freely, at the very tail end of the session, long range telemetry from Icarus, picked up a small object, no larger than a Tigerhawk. It simply appeared, as if out of nowhere. Then it turned 45 degrees, it may or may not have sent a signal to Prometheus, but it was then recorded slowing down. Then after a moment, it simply disappeared again. Just like that, poof! Naturally occurring objects to not tend to change course so precisely, nor do they tend to slow down. This could have been just a sensor glitch, perhaps a reflection off something else. Whatever it was, it was unexpected and undeniably interesting. If you left before it happened, you missed it.


As the mission nears Mars, we will begin to accelerate due to the gravity well of Mars. This will slingshot us towards Jupiter, and then on to Saturn. There is a lot of mystery to unravel yet. The players are just now showing their hands but the game has yet to be discovered. What ARE the different factions trying to do? Who will you trust? Who will you serve?