December 2019

Chapter 26

Cylon mobile command center A Cavil and a six stood in a room with a three-dimensional map of the twelve colonies and several surrounding systems. There were dozens of red dots scattered around the system some near asteroids or space stations. The Cavil looked particularly vexed, upset about something. With a flick of his finger …

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Chapter 23: From Mercury CIC

Lawson’s eyes bugged out for a brief moment. “Another three hundred civilians?” Ramirez nodded in the affirmative. “We have no place to put them,” the commander noted. “Our marine quarters are full.” “One hundred twenty percent,” the XO replied. “We’ll deal with it after the strike,” Commander Lawson said. “Make sure we cull these civilians …

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Chapter 22: Port flight pod

The mission of the squadron was to keep cylon raiders off the raptor force assigned to hit a large cylon military base. Hector “Cookie” Fishman was fresh out of viper school, having done nothing other than fly CAP since his assignment to this batttlestar. He was a line pilot, nothing special. His viper was in …

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