Chapter 21: Striking Back raptor force foxtrot

Heather “Runner” Osinas checked her coordinates for the fifth time sinch launch from the Mercury. Her right seater was new and the pair had only flown together for two sorties supporting the CAP(Combat Air Patrol).

She didn’t trust Sam “Jaybird” Garret. The two were getting to understand each others habits and eccentricities. Both were wearing flight helmets and waiting for the go order.

It was fifteen seconds before the flight was ordered to jump and hit a Tylium storage facility.

“FTL status,” she ordered.

“Board is green coordinates are in,” Jaybird replied.

The orders were simple. Make the strike, abort if there was significan reistance. The strike plan was based on surprise and hitting as many targets in the first five minutes of the attack.

“Jump,” Lieutenant Osinas ordered. The gripped the control stick a little tighter, waiting for the white flash.

It seemed to take forever, but the effect wore off. She kicked in the engines after glancing at the DRADIS screen and seeing other raptors. “One minute to firing location. No raiders,” she felt a little better. “Master arm on, prepare to fire.”

“Master arm on, weapons hot,” Jaybird flipped the switches. They were going to let go with everything they had.

There was a chime from the DRADIS and a few red dots appeared.

“Contact,” Garrret replied, “eight cylon raiders, CBDR.”

“We are closer to the target then they are. Keep going, launch in ten seconds,” Runner broadcast on the wireless. She had forgotten that she was the strike leader.

“We’re at the firing point,” the weapons offer reported.

“FIRE,” she ordered.

The four raptors lauched a barrage of hundreds of rockets at the refinery and tanks before them. Some of the rockets veered off due to counter measures, but they jump had purposely taken them inside the defense engagement zone.

One of the raports erupted into a ball of flames and metal as a missile sliced through it. “We lost number three,” Jaybird shouted.

“Spool up FTL,” the pilot ordered. “Confirm that the coordinates are correct.”

Jaybird read them off and saved them in the FTL computer. “Confirmed, waypoint charlie.”

They shook as an enormous explosion ripped through the facilityl

“Scatch one cylon Tylium refinery,” Garrett smiled.

“Jump,” the pilot ordered.

With a white flash, they were out of the engagement zone. It would be an hour before they could jump again and meet the Mercury.

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