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Pictures of the battlestar (interior)

Pictures of the battlestar (exterior)

Who is Rhonda?

I am following Elena’s example and would like to give a short introduction of myself.

My name is Rhonda Pinion-Streeter. I have been in SL for about *mumble* six years.

Some background: I met an awesome guy at a club one day. He worked there. I ended up working there as well. Time passed and I ended up working as an asst. manager for a different club. *can just hear the “What does that have anything to do with anything?” LOL* He enjoyed spending time at the club where I worked, but…

… one day he brought up the idea of RPing and had seen a poster about a BSG RPing sim (believe it or not, this is the circle in the story back to the club I met him at… LOL) We decided to try it out. He is an avid flyer and enjoys RPing. I had never RPed before (and I still can’t fly worth a darn).

I had not watched the reimagined series (and still haven’t seen all of it). I vaguely remember some of TOS from my *mumbles some more* youth. After several very nervous weeks of RPing I finally got the hang of it. Well, mostly anyway.

And I was hooked. I have been with BSG21 for the last 5 versions now. Some versions more active than others. I ended up blundering in to the Leadership Team starting in V2. And even more “blundersome”, becoming one of the builders. I have also been very active in the PR and graphics side of things as well. Oh – and I do RP, too.

I am looking forward to the challenge of the new direction of the storyline.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I can’t guarantee any answers, but am more than happy to help find them.


Rhonda Pinion-Streeter

V2: Posters

V2: Random pictures

V2: Gladius Cross after the attacks

V2: Gladius Cross

V1: Just some random pictures from V1…

V1: The day SL almost managed what the Cylons hadn’t…

One day we were standing on sim and half of the prims just poofed…

Pictures of the ground build

These pictures are “build in progress”.