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Tidbits and jewels of the past of this sim.

Long version of the rpg PR video

The Battlestar Mercury Role Play Game PR video

Promotional video from the rpg

How to join the game:

We get lots of email registrations but the flow of new players has been low compared to email volume.

So here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Register a user name and set a password.
  3. Download the secondlife ciient for your OS from the site or . Install for your OS
  4. Log in to secondlife
  5. Search for Mercury Role Play
  6. Talk to one of our builders/managers and get started.

V2: Posters

V2: Random pictures

V2: Gladius Cross after the attacks

V2: Gladius Cross

V1: Just some random pictures from V1…

V1: The day SL almost managed what the Cylons hadn’t…

One day we were standing on sim and half of the prims just poofed…

Our old youtube videos

Several versions all quite cool