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The “what” and “how” of the roleplaying for the sim.

Character Creation

To create a character in the game, we recommend reading the short story Stardust Stories. It gives a bit of an insight into the world from the lives of several different people.

The story takes place prior to the events that will kick off the game. The more you read about ideas and how it all fits together, the more material you have to work with in deciding what role you will play. Its much like a game of make believe involving other people. Instead of saying bang and arguing over whos dead, for example, we will use a meter and our avatars fight it out with outcomes decided by the actions we take.

If you are new to role playing, feel free to watch others till you feel comfortable.

Since we are building the set, to use a stage performance analogy, roleplay has not officially began. However, we dont discourage players having their own fun, just keep in mind, once the set is done, it will be more exciting as storyline events take place and the real game begins.

If you want to try roleplaying at another sim until the dust here settles, we recommend BSG-82 Special Tauron Ops. The sim owner Alia, is awesome and easy to get along with.

Character types most likely to be seen on Battlestar Genesis, are Ships Officers, Pilots, Reporters, Engineering Crew, Medical Staff, Ambassadors, Deck Crew, and if you can think of another idea, write it up and we can do our best to see if it will fit.

We also will have an arena and training area for the bloodsoaked Patriot Games. Players participating fight to the death in regularly scheduled events. The characters involved would be any type of outcast that the paranoid and highly corrupt Theocratic Confederacy would want to be rid of.

The only rules we insist on are:

No Minors (under aged characters. 18 years or older)

No Drama. Please try to keep the peace. Remember that In Character actions do not always reflect Out Of Character personalities. If you are unsure, PM the other player and ask if they want to work out the problem, or ask one of the staff to intervene. But keep the fighting IC only.

No discussing other sims or people in a negative way. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. And try not to bring outside drama into group chat.

Be polite, respectful, fun and tollerant.

Most of all, lets play together, not against each other. In the end we all are here to have fun.



Unit organization

At the last informal gathering, several points were brought up. Among them was the types of characters we might play. The history of Battlestar role play on SL has been comprised of several basic character styles. A short list includes Civilians, Pilots, Crewmen, Command Staff, Marines, Special Forces, Humanoids, Centurions and Pirates.


I think we can safely rule out pirates, since Earth is taking its fledgling steps into space travel. Another group that I think we can agree do not need to be included is Special Forces. With the limited capacity of a single ship, it would be a waste of resources to house a military unit that in this modern age is typically used for counter terrorism purposes, in an environment where terrorists would be light years away. Another sim has stated reasons for not employing Marines in the game. I have felt the same way for a long time. While Marine players tend to enjoy the style of play, it tends to create issues with Chain of Command and ends up in arguments more often than not. The Genesis will be protected by the highly honored 95th Rifle Regiment. They will be essentially NPC’s but if some players want to play one as flip title at times, then thats ok as long as it doesnt create friction. The Rifles have a long proud history and are elite troops that can provide excellent security for the ship and crew. Keep that in mind when using them as NPC’s or flip title characters.

We wont have any humanoids initially because we have not met the third race yet. So if you want to play a humanoid, feel free to play another character that can die or fade to background as necessary upon contact.

Centurions will be the primary adversary as they pursue their plan to create peace makers out of the humans. The twisted logic of their plan is what prevents anyone from figuring it out.


Civilians wont play a big role in the game. Its one ship. The crew are hand selected and highly screened. Player characters are considered to be excellently skilled at their jobs and  psychologically tested to guarantee their ability to handle the trip. Characters will be considered valued members of the crew and capable of performing under stress. These are tough survivors and professionals.


Pilots will all belong to one of two squadrons. Pawnee pilots will all be part of one squadron, though we will have a second NPC Pawnee squadron. Tigerhawk pilots will all belong to the same Tigerhawk squadron, though we will have three other NPC squadrons. The reason is logistics. During a long journey, we will be battling at least one foe, which will cause casualties and loss of Tigerhawks. A single squadron of forty Tigerhawks would be destroyed too quickly. So the additional squadrons can absorb the losses. One will constantly be training pilots as they recover from injuries, as well as test flying new or rebuilt Tigerhawks while the other three fight.


Staff Officers should be proper English Gentlefolk. In other words, they are the quintessential British Officers. Proper, stoic and dignified, they also have very personal lives they live but keep separate from their duties. The men and women of the British Officer Corps are the finest examples of leadership and should be played as such. Players interacting with them should keep this in mind. They are your officers and the RAF and RA hold them in high regard.

There are a few smaller roles that can be filled as well. We will honor the RN tradition of a ships chaplain. This could prove pivotal at times, as spirituality will be a running theme in the game storyline. We also could use a few reporters, perhaps ones from BBC and Sky News. Also perhaps Associated Press and Reuters. We might also have along someone from the British Embassy staff on the outside chance that we meet with “some form of alien life”. After all, the ship was extraterrestrial.


And of course if you can think of interesting possibilities we can try to fit them in. But the above list is mostly for the Battlestar side.


On the Patriot Games side, the general rule is, no minors. Sorry but we are a Mature rated sim with simulated violence, strong language, and the occasional simulated romantic interludes. (Just try to keep it in PM)


So to ensure we do not violate Linden Labs Terms Of Service, we ask that characters be 18 and above, so that nobody gets in trouble.


If you are not sure if your character is useable, then ask.



The Patriot Games

The Patriot Games

Because of the limitations of the nature of Second Life, the arena for the Patriot Games will actually be a small section of it.
I would like to see maybe a training area and smaller arena, think the training arenas of the ancient Roman Gladiators.
I think the HG players should maybe have week long training RP where actual fighting is not allowed, followed by an arena event each weekend, or even once a month if we have many players once we get started.
Ive asked Shmuel his opinion on making the sim dedicated to Genesis on Monday Wednesday Friday and maybe Sundays. The off days we dedicate it to the Patriot Games.
We might even try a mass rezzor that will add or remove Genesis and the space builds, maybe even the small Earth build or something.
Maybe on Genesis days its downtown London and on HG days its the training center and arena from the Confederate Theocracy.
Id like to hear from the HG side players what they prefer.
Ultimately, it would be nice to have a dedicated group of HG players that can tell their characters story in both sim games. Perhaps the Games days are the events that led up to the volunteering for the ultimate space adventure, or maybe it was what drove them to the ultimate escape from the horrors of Earth…

Cylons in Battlestar Genesis

The following is from a brief discussion I had with Venice. In the discussion, he gave me a brief idea how he would see an evolved Cylon race trying to deal with a new race. The new race, organic, and highly technophobic, would view the fully machine Cylons as an abomination and unacceptable form of life.

Cylons in Battlestar Genesis

 Well, basically. in my version, the Cylons are actually almost good guys. they are locked in a war with the unknown race (who I also have a great idea for) but they aren’t losing, it’s a stalemate. The other race can’t kill the Cylons without taking out their main base, which they can’t find, and the Cylons can’t win without resorting to genocide, which they refuse to do, they don’t want their legacy to -always- be genocide.
So they go looking for the legendary great peacemakers who ended the last war, and freed them from their humanoid masters, in other words, Galactica’s descendants.

But, humans totally suck, as you know, so the Cylons are pretty dissapointed, and angry.

So they vote on what to do, and they decide to recreate the circumstances that moulded the Colonials into the great peacemakers of legend, so they/the angels  help the humans find Galactica, and they plan to lead them on a five year quest under the same sort of terror, sacrifice, etc as the original.

(Of course, third race interference will probably kill the plan.

The Third Race:

I was thinking maybe they could be Earthers; like from Earth-1. The Final Five were not the ONLY survivors, more escaped, and fled into the darkness. the others, they blamed high-tech for their demise, and so became super technophobic. But over the 50 million odd years, they learned to make impressive things, without needing computers. Cogs and gears and valves smaller than molecules were used. So they look high tech now, but they are completely immune to electronic warfare. (Which is why the Cylons only way to win would be the genocude option that they refuse to consider, and because of their technophobic nature as soon as they saw the Cylons, they opened war on them, and have never listened to peace pleas or negotiators, etc. which is why the Cylons were hoping that Earth-2 could intervene. Earth-1 might actually listen to organics.


What are your thoughts?