Cylons in Battlestar Genesis

The following is from a brief discussion I had with Venice. In the discussion, he gave me a brief idea how he would see an evolved Cylon race trying to deal with a new race. The new race, organic, and highly technophobic, would view the fully machine Cylons as an abomination and unacceptable form of life.

Cylons in Battlestar Genesis

 Well, basically. in my version, the Cylons are actually almost good guys. they are locked in a war with the unknown race (who I also have a great idea for) but they aren’t losing, it’s a stalemate. The other race can’t kill the Cylons without taking out their main base, which they can’t find, and the Cylons can’t win without resorting to genocide, which they refuse to do, they don’t want their legacy to -always- be genocide.
So they go looking for the legendary great peacemakers who ended the last war, and freed them from their humanoid masters, in other words, Galactica’s descendants.

But, humans totally suck, as you know, so the Cylons are pretty dissapointed, and angry.

So they vote on what to do, and they decide to recreate the circumstances that moulded the Colonials into the great peacemakers of legend, so they/the angels  help the humans find Galactica, and they plan to lead them on a five year quest under the same sort of terror, sacrifice, etc as the original.

(Of course, third race interference will probably kill the plan.

The Third Race:

I was thinking maybe they could be Earthers; like from Earth-1. The Final Five were not the ONLY survivors, more escaped, and fled into the darkness. the others, they blamed high-tech for their demise, and so became super technophobic. But over the 50 million odd years, they learned to make impressive things, without needing computers. Cogs and gears and valves smaller than molecules were used. So they look high tech now, but they are completely immune to electronic warfare. (Which is why the Cylons only way to win would be the genocude option that they refuse to consider, and because of their technophobic nature as soon as they saw the Cylons, they opened war on them, and have never listened to peace pleas or negotiators, etc. which is why the Cylons were hoping that Earth-2 could intervene. Earth-1 might actually listen to organics.


What are your thoughts?

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  1. Well since nobody seemed to have any comments or alternative ideas, Im going to write storyline with this idea as our Sim Bible.

  2. Xavier Pomegranate

    I have only just now had the opportunity to read this post but I would like to toss out a few possibilities. At the end of the series, all of the good humanoid Cylon models stayed on the new Earth with the Colonials. The good Cylon Centurions left with the basestar to create their own history. From here, we pretty much have the freedom to take the story where ever we decide to take it. So, I will just toss out a few thoughts. These are mostly just random things that popped into my head regarding the Cylons.

    Now, after having watched Blood and Chrome, I noticed a few tid-bits that we might be able to wiggle in to our story somehow if we want to. As many of you know from the old series, there was a scene where Adama spoke about an ancient serpentine race that allegedly created the Cylons. As it turns out, in Blood and Chrome, some Colonial special forces personnel were killed by some serpentine looking creatures that were created by the Cylons on the Ice Planet while the Cylons were experimenting with creating life. Coincidence? Could those creatures have evolved?

    Also in Blood and Chrome I got a look at the closest thing to an old-school IL series Cylon that I have scene yet within the re-imagined story. It was an early version of a Caprica Six. If I recall correctly, she even had a cone shaped head with some flashing lights. I mention this only as a possible Cylon type that could be introduced.

    At the end of the series, the Evil Cavil shot himself and the Cylon Hub was destroyed. I don’t think we should assume that this was the end of all of the bad guy Cylons. The Cylons had occupied the Colonies after their devastating sneak attack, so the loss of one Hub Station doesn’t seem so tragic to me. So, are there any bad guy Cylons left? Even if they could not reproduce and all of the bad guy humanoid models died off, there would still be bad guy centurions, right? Did they evolve? Did they go back to making IL series models because they were more intelligent and much more hardy than fully humanoid models?

    Lastly, what happened to our friendly red-striped centurions? Did they evolve? What do they look like now? What do their ships look like? Do they revere humans for switching their higher brain functions back on and essentially liberating them? (I know it was actually the humanoid Cylons that did this, but you get my drift.)Could they be striving to understand humanity in the way that we have seen from Star Trek’s Data character?

    Come on people, chime in and say something. Lindsay shouldn’t be the only one coming up with ideas…..start talking.

  3. Xavier Pomegranate

    Where did all the stuff go that Lindsay posted? I actually liked the discussion. Lindsay, did you remove it? It was good stuff….

  4. I removed it because Venice let me know I was wrong about a few of the things he had planned. So he will eventually post correct information because we want everybody to have the most correct information.

  5. Xavier Pomegranate

    Well, it was good information with only some degree of speculation. Its a work in progress so don’t be afraid to speak your thoughts.