Character Creation

To create a character in the game, we recommend reading the short story Stardust Stories. It gives a bit of an insight into the world from the lives of several different people.

The story takes place prior to the events that will kick off the game. The more you read about ideas and how it all fits together, the more material you have to work with in deciding what role you will play. Its much like a game of make believe involving other people. Instead of saying bang and arguing over whos dead, for example, we will use a meter and our avatars fight it out with outcomes decided by the actions we take.

If you are new to role playing, feel free to watch others till you feel comfortable.

Since we are building the set, to use a stage performance analogy, roleplay has not officially began. However, we dont discourage players having their own fun, just keep in mind, once the set is done, it will be more exciting as storyline events take place and the real game begins.

If you want to try roleplaying at another sim until the dust here settles, we recommend BSG-82 Special Tauron Ops. The sim owner Alia, is awesome and easy to get along with.

Character types most likely to be seen on Battlestar Genesis, are Ships Officers, Pilots, Reporters, Engineering Crew, Medical Staff, Ambassadors, Deck Crew, and if you can think of another idea, write it up and we can do our best to see if it will fit.

We also will have an arena and training area for the bloodsoaked Patriot Games. Players participating fight to the death in regularly scheduled events. The characters involved would be any type of outcast that the paranoid and highly corrupt Theocratic Confederacy would want to be rid of.

The only rules we insist on are:

No Minors (under aged characters. 18 years or older)

No Drama. Please try to keep the peace. Remember that In Character actions do not always reflect Out Of Character personalities. If you are unsure, PM the other player and ask if they want to work out the problem, or ask one of the staff to intervene. But keep the fighting IC only.

No discussing other sims or people in a negative way. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. And try not to bring outside drama into group chat.

Be polite, respectful, fun and tollerant.

Most of all, lets play together, not against each other. In the end we all are here to have fun.



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