The Patriot Games

The Patriot Games

Because of the limitations of the nature of Second Life, the arena for the Patriot Games will actually be a small section of it.
I would like to see maybe a training area and smaller arena, think the training arenas of the ancient Roman Gladiators.
I think the HG players should maybe have week long training RP where actual fighting is not allowed, followed by an arena event each weekend, or even once a month if we have many players once we get started.
Ive asked Shmuel his opinion on making the sim dedicated to Genesis on Monday Wednesday Friday and maybe Sundays. The off days we dedicate it to the Patriot Games.
We might even try a mass rezzor that will add or remove Genesis and the space builds, maybe even the small Earth build or something.
Maybe on Genesis days its downtown London and on HG days its the training center and arena from the Confederate Theocracy.
Id like to hear from the HG side players what they prefer.
Ultimately, it would be nice to have a dedicated group of HG players that can tell their characters story in both sim games. Perhaps the Games days are the events that led up to the volunteering for the ultimate space adventure, or maybe it was what drove them to the ultimate escape from the horrors of Earth…

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  1. How about putting the arena on a platform way up high? It can still be in a mass rezzer. There is really no room for it on the ground. The ground build would be complicated to constantly be rezzed/derezzed (not every thing is mod (like furniture,etc.), ergo adding the rez faux script wouldn’t work. And constantly pulling and rezzing stuff would be, well, ugggh. And if it is up up up, it won’t disturb any flying or “space travel” either.

  2. Thats a good idea. If we can make the “ground” uneven, like simulate a couple holes or a dry stream bed or hills. Maybe some rocks too, just for a natural terrain features effect. Then add some trees or stone fences. I was thinking pose balls at certain points to let people kneel behind stuff or something to that effect. Im not a scripter so I have no idea what can be done, but if its done well, it could become quite popular.

    BTW hi Rho, ltns.


  3. *thinks out loud* Other than the poseballs, I think most of the stuff can be found full perm, ergo can be put in a rez faux box. Will have to make sure of it while building. *mentally scours her inventory of what she might be able to use*

  4. It occurs to me, we have someone who creates animations. Has anyone considered trying to make an AO that holds poses for fighting like stuff? Something that can be handed out. Also, looking for ideas on arena uniforms. Id love if someone made something like the wetsuit in the new Hunger Games movie. That could even be used as the space craft crew uniform.

    The combat meter I found, the full perm scifi meter, can be used (hopefully, because BSG 82 owner Alia recommended it and gave me the full perm to see if we can mod it too) for the sim, so simple primitive weapons, spears, swords, knives, bows, can be made if we can find either scripted ones or animations for new ones.

    In all, its a big project and I figure we will need a lot of off the shelf stuff because, admittedly, were creating a whole new world. I suppose people probably said “cant be done” when Battlestar Pacifica was in the initial stages. Imagine the audacity of building the first Battlestar and Vipers. Designing all the outfits and equipment…

    If it was done then, surely it can be done again. It wont be easy, but great things rarely are so easy. And if we do this, even if nobody but us come to play, we still have proven that we are better than anyones giving us credit for. Just by getting this far weve proven critics wrong about us. The more we accomplish the more we show that we can do what we believe we can do.

    Im encouraged. We have some great things in the works and with time and effort we will all be proud of what we do, together.

  5. *reads back over the posts, trying to picture the build* A quick question: Should it look like a coloseum or the wilderness?

  6. I was thinking maybe a two level. Lower would be the training area, a section for sleeping and all that goes with that. Also a small section somewhat like the training area we saw in the movie. Then also the platforms to raise them up to the arena proper.
    That arena might be wilderness like. The arena should allow for movement to be hidden and allow for fighting that would be difficult to view beyond the immediate area.
    To get to the training area/arena they can use a TP point which might deliver them to the pratice arena below, directly.
    I think this arrangement will provide adequet entertainment and show a committed effort to include an element and not merely pay lip service to it.
    Thank you

  7. *mumbles* I didn’t see the movie.

  8. Thanks for the link, Lindsay. I’ll go back to the drawing board now that I have more of an idea of what is needed and what it looks like. *ideas and possibilities swirl in her head* (Anybody need a low prim Roman coloseum? HAHAHAHA)

  9. Because the nature of the games is rather fatal, its clearly not something that everyone survives. What I would imagine is the Patriots stage events and RP their characters adventures in the Games, perhaps taking turns being the NPC Patriots who take part in other games after they win, that way we dont have scores of character profiles to sort from Patriot players dying all the time. The entire Arena portion is and will likely stay, its own little section, used primarily to let players RP out histories, practice battle tactics, and provide an alternative activity if only a couple players are present and want to have a bit of fighting. The players from HG side may well decide to join in the larger game and that helps with player base and traffic. So it all fits together in the end.

  10. The image I guess I have for the Arena, is a dorm area where Patriots in training can RP being pretty much in. Prison block. The dorms are segregated from the training area by a corridor. The training area could have training areas, a place to practice with weapons using the meters but not lethal. Any kills would be considered just subdual damage. Maybe an archery range if such a thing exists in SL. And higher up, an area for observing the training should anyone wish to RP a Theocratic Confederacy Minister of Propriety or a PP Officer.

    Then maybe tube elevators spaced evenly apart that lift the Patriots into the Arena. This is a staple of the games. I leave that to you to work in because Im not a builder.

    The Arena might look like a section of wilderness with fallen trees and a stream and the central structure that has rezzors for weapons and supplies. Maybe other rezzors or healing areas to help Patriots are randomly scattered around the Arena. Again, just saying what would be nice. What you can do is the question so theres the challenge

    Let the games begin.

  11. The only problem I see right now is the “tube elevators spaced evenly”. It’s a simple thing of saving prims. One big prim per floor = one hole in the middle. To have “evenly spaced” ones would be more prims (because each hole will be a prim and the filler in between holes – unless it’s ok to just basically use TPers and not have the physical hole in the floor to pass through. Other than that, it is similar to what I had already built. It just will have to be rearranged some – and some things added on. I was sorta on the right track. HAHAHAHA

    And yes, archery ranges do exist. (We have one at home – that isn’t rezzed though.) Just will have to check on the price.

  12. NP. If thats what it takes, then thats what we do. Like I said, I just think stuff up, but you builders are the ones who make it real.

  13. I like the idea if you keep the battlestar sim up in the sky we could use the ground for the hg sim

  14. @Balam: The ground is going to be used for the planetside RP to go along with the battlestar. The build is (pretty much) finished. Feel free to hop over to the sim and look around it. *smile*

    The training area/arena is being built off sim atm. It will be in a rezzer up in the sky and rezzed on demand.

  15. Progress report: *checks date of last post* WOW! Ok. The arena is up in the sky. It has been rebuilt in the sim AV for practical purposes – hence why it has taken so long. No. It is not finished. The build itself will actually most likely never be “finished” because of the possibilities the new rezzer system offers: Scenes. This will give the players and builders the opportunity to let their imagination run free (as long as it stays within prim reason. LOL) The only scene that is set up atm is “wilderness”. It needs some tweaking (i.e. scripts for rezzer exchanged – but that’s another story. It does rez/derez though).

    I have some ideas that I want to fiddle with for other scenes. I am also open to (reasonable and constructive) critique. And most definitely ideas.

    The rezzer should be set to the RP group. Feel free to try it out. If you find any problems with it, let me know. It’s a new toy to me and I am still trying to get the hang of it.

    You can get to the arena via the TPer from the Welcome Area. ENJOY!

  16. Today’s progress report: If you head up to the arena, you will see a build in progress. I am having fun with a little gadget. It is going to be a maze. Well, actually it already is. It’s just not finished. It takes me back to a LAN game on my Atari ST: MidiMaze. You only saw what your “ball” saw and went after others in a tangled maze. That’s pretty much the scenerio I have in mind setting this up. I believe I made the tubes large enough to be able to manuever. I should get it done in the next couple of days (maybe even today). Then I’m ready to tackle the next scene. Anybody have any ideas they want to toss my direction as to what the next scene can be?

  17. Ok. The tunnel maze is complete. I hope you find it a lot of fun! So now there are 3 scenes all together so far. What scene idea do you want created next?