March 2013

Story event timeline

As Im trying, between work, classrs, and finding a few minutes to eat or even sleep, Im still working over the event timeline of the game. Im curious what ratio of action/combat to roleplay/problem and puzzle solving people prefer. The decisions will eliminate some events, enable others and generally determine the overall environment of the …

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Progress and RP

Hello everyone! If you havn’t seen the notice i have  the application/landing zone area nearly built. I am also working on furnishing the surface so we can start RP soon. I have come up with a basic premise RP until we get the vipers and battlestar finished. We also have our first member! The sim …

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Meeting set: Friday 4 pm PST

There will be notices in world. Just a get together to discuss getting this project rolling. Anax has agreed to take over storytelling and some day to day management tasks. He will be in transit but there is no reason not to meet.

Thinking about forums again

Well I put in bbpress, because it looked easy. I’ve also integrated twiter into the site. If you post, we tweet. I will see about facebook integration as well. I’m on a roll Original post below: ————————————————– I really like the wordpress site. It is simple to administer and allowed me to do a lot …

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