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Progress and RP

Hello everyone! If you havn’t seen the notice i have  the application/landing zone area nearly built. I am also working on furnishing the surface so we can start RP soon. I have come up with a basic premise RP until we get the vipers and battlestar finished. We also have our first member! The sim actually does get a fair amount of traffic people just dont know what the sim is for when they run into it. I put together a military starter kit and everything! Going to work on it tomorrow night as well. I work late tonight so i cant work to long when i get home. If anyone has ANY battlestar related building items (objects, scripts, textures, uniforms, etc.) I could really use them so i can start wrapping up some areas so we can start roleplaying! Let me know in game if you have any suggestions at all!

Website and Email service

Hey guys im working on something at the moment to get us a full working google website to use to advertise and such once we get off the ground. Il post more as it comes through.

Long Overdue introduction and plans!

Hey guys for those of you that don’t know me yet, I’m Elena. Im coordinating a lot of the stuff at the moment. I have a station in space at the current moment, a battlestar rezzed and we now have a wonderful town! An arena will be coming soon but we need to meet in world. If possible could ANYONE that is available tomorrow IM me in world and we can meet on sim and discuss things. Just search elena munro or torresalpha12 i have some good ideas that i think we can make happen that include multiple ships including one that WE build not the original battlestar. Thanks! I should be on almost all day tomorrow!