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A New Mission

If you wish to join in, Battlestar Galactica has been claimed by the UK Space Administration. The humans aboard know nothing about the Cylons, but they do know their own planet is nearly uninhabitable from war, pollution, and plague. The UKSA has sent a crew to the Galactica, then renamed her Genesis. While the UKSA have recovered the technology from the original Galactica Raptor that was left behind, their own technology is limited. They need the Genesis team to find another planet to colonize and for the crew to find the answers to the problems that are beyond Earths ability to solve.


If you wish to join in, each post should begin with your characters location, time and what you are currently doing.



Flight deck – 0730 Prepping a Tigerhawk

Then feel free to describe your characters current appearance, as well as mood, and thoughts or feelings. As others join in, RP as you will within the rules of the game.

When you move to a different location, be sure to note the new location in your new post, and allow reasonable time to travel. This prevents someone from being everywhere at all times.

Everything you know is disclosed in the short story “Stardust Memories”. Please read through it, it is not long.

Thank you and good hunting.