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Blood and Chrome Continuation

***The following is a story for followers on Facebook, dealing with an alternate universe where the fleet assembled in the series Blood and Chrome did not attack the Cylon bases, but instead sought out Earth, as an ally.***


Chapter 1: Troubled Girl

“We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than the wars of our fathers
And everything inside screams for second life, yeah
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
We were meant to live
We were meant to live”
Meant to Live – Switchfoot
January 29, 2013 – Phoenix , Arizona

Below, in the haze of pollution, lost amid the noise of cars and the crowds, the city exists. The hot asphalt and filthy gutters, the discarded litter and among that, the discarded lives, existed in a myopic cesspool of misery and futility. From her perch above it all, Stormy watched the city trundle on in it’s pointless ballet of crime, hopelessness and mind-numbing pointlessness. Rolling over, she looked back up at the clouds.

They drifted by like slow lazy shadow puppets, forms ever changing. She yearned to go to where they began, and float along to where they end. Anywhere but here. If this is all there is, then whats the point? If there is nothing more to life, then why dream?

Below she could hear the ever present yelling and the cries of children. She shut her eyes, wishing for a sign, a maricle that might make her life have purpose. She felt the tears fall slip from the corners of her eyes, down the sides of her face and tickle her ears.

January 29, 2013 – Jet Propulsion Labratories

Post graduate studies focusing on SETI would have meant a one way ticket to the “kiddy table” of cosmology, just a month earlier. Jesus Medinas had already resigned himself to a life of fund raising and begging for sponsors to buy time on any of the “Large Array” radio telescopes, until he could at least earn his stripes among the fraternity of fellow “alien hunters.” It was just how the game was played. The “real” cosmologists would have priority time on the arrays, while the “martian hunters” were allowed to pay for whatever time was left over. Because of that, it was easy to lose hope and become distracted. He had to admit, if he were to be honest, that he regretted turning away from the hard physics, and plunging into the applied field, such as it was. There was just nothing out there. It was just a big empty sky full of nothing… except maybe the twenty or so signals that just popped up out of nowhere!

Stumbling to his feet, he fell over the lawn chair, crashing into the Igloo cooler that held his soda and peanuts. “Gilbert! Get on the recorder! Call Mexico and Canada, we need to get confirmation! He yelled.

Inside the array control house, Gilbert Davenport was already turning the recorder on. The signals were strong clear and steady. “Jesus, check to make sure this isn’t a TV satellite, I’ll get with NASA.”

“Im on it!” Jesus said as he checked over the listings of known obstructions and signal frequencies. If none matched these, then they at least had an unknown signal, and that was exciting.

“Gilbert, there is nothing on this frequency. Its got some side-band, I’m going to… Oh my God!” Gil, look! Look! You see this?” Jesus was forced to sit as his knees went out. There was video, as well as audio, and they looked… human!

“Holy shit… This has to be a joke. It has to be a TV signal or something man, I mean, c’mon! We finally find aliens, and they look like us? No damn way!”

“Jesus, its NASA, they say we are to monitor, but not contact anyone. Dude, I think we might be in trouble.”

January 30, 2013 – NORAD.

Fresh from a shower, Lieutenant General Walters strode into the information center to meet with a group of what were considered “the smartest men on the planet.” Interestingly, of the eleven brilliant men, three were women. He mentally checked himself for assuming they were all men. In all the movies, it was usually three oriental guys, at least one African-American and a bunch of Caucasians. He had never seen a woman in the group to his recollection. Then again, he had never paid much attention to alien movies. That would perhaps change today.

Yesterday, a signal was received that was clearly extra-terrestrial in origin. Twenty seven star ships had simply appeared out of nowhere. So far only a few arrays had picked up the signal before it was lost to some form of encryption, that resembled static. The US Air Force had put out a cover story that it was an errant signal, being reflected back by space debris, originating from a TV station run by JPL. The fact that JPL didn’t operate a TV station, nor was space junk found that far out, or the fact the signal spoke a language somewhat akin to Latin, made any difference. The few arrays that had copy of the signal were already silenced, and the NIS was scrubbing the internet of any mention of the signal.

This secret was going to be kept from the public, till the authorities had in place, the means to handle the possible rioting and hysteria that would surely follow President Obama’s address, informing the world, that mankind’s greatest question, are we alone, has been answered. First, however, the United States and its allies, has to make first contact. The logistics of being first were vital. If the rest of the world, God forbid the Chinese, or Russians, were to make first contact, it could tip the balance of power on Earth, forever in their favor.

Character Creation

To create a character in the game, we recommend reading the short story Stardust Stories. It gives a bit of an insight into the world from the lives of several different people.

The story takes place prior to the events that will kick off the game. The more you read about ideas and how it all fits together, the more material you have to work with in deciding what role you will play. Its much like a game of make believe involving other people. Instead of saying bang and arguing over whos dead, for example, we will use a meter and our avatars fight it out with outcomes decided by the actions we take.

If you are new to role playing, feel free to watch others till you feel comfortable.

Since we are building the set, to use a stage performance analogy, roleplay has not officially began. However, we dont discourage players having their own fun, just keep in mind, once the set is done, it will be more exciting as storyline events take place and the real game begins.

If you want to try roleplaying at another sim until the dust here settles, we recommend BSG-82 Special Tauron Ops. The sim owner Alia, is awesome and easy to get along with.

Character types most likely to be seen on Battlestar Genesis, are Ships Officers, Pilots, Reporters, Engineering Crew, Medical Staff, Ambassadors, Deck Crew, and if you can think of another idea, write it up and we can do our best to see if it will fit.

We also will have an arena and training area for the bloodsoaked Patriot Games. Players participating fight to the death in regularly scheduled events. The characters involved would be any type of outcast that the paranoid and highly corrupt Theocratic Confederacy would want to be rid of.

The only rules we insist on are:

No Minors (under aged characters. 18 years or older)

No Drama. Please try to keep the peace. Remember that In Character actions do not always reflect Out Of Character personalities. If you are unsure, PM the other player and ask if they want to work out the problem, or ask one of the staff to intervene. But keep the fighting IC only.

No discussing other sims or people in a negative way. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. And try not to bring outside drama into group chat.

Be polite, respectful, fun and tollerant.

Most of all, lets play together, not against each other. In the end we all are here to have fun.



Contacting us

Interested in joining us?


In Second Life, you can contact any of our gang, we may need time to get back to you, but we will try to be as prompt as we can.

Shmuel Dubrovna

Anaxamander Barbosa

Rhonda Pinion

Lindsey Mollari

Maximos Slade

Xavier Pomegranate

TorresAlpha12 Resident

Cattniss Resident

or contact the Mercury Roleplay group



Wish List

As we are all slowly gaining momentum I thought it might be wise to have a place to post the things that we are currently in need of for what ever particular project we happen to be working on. If somebody needs me to build something or script something so that they can continue with a project they are working on they can either contact me directly or leave a post for me right here. But, in return, I get to do the same. This is where we beg and plead for that particular object, script, or animation that we don’t have, but that we hope somebody else in our group does have it and can share it.

So, since I have your attention…… here is what I am in need of right now:

I need anything resembling office supplies. File cabinets. Wall Posters. Computer looking stuff. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need medical looking equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need gun lockers, supply crates, and anything military looking. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need Gym Equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

My focus right now remains with the battlestar. I am doing my best to get it furnished with just enough stuff to make it feel like a functional battlestar.  I have added 4 different animations around the command table and added animations to the console chairs in CIC.  As of right now you sit in the chairs by sitting on the battlestar emblem on the back of the chair.  I need to rewrite some poseball scripts to fix that. One thing at a time……

Anyway, if you have ANY Full Perm furniture that you feel might be appropriate for the battlestar, please get it to me.  I can add animations to anything that we build, so we are not always forced to purchase what we need. Thanks for listening and keep on buildiing. Find me if you need me.

Xavier Pomegranate

Our old youtube videos

Several versions all quite cool


Unit organization

At the last informal gathering, several points were brought up. Among them was the types of characters we might play. The history of Battlestar role play on SL has been comprised of several basic character styles. A short list includes Civilians, Pilots, Crewmen, Command Staff, Marines, Special Forces, Humanoids, Centurions and Pirates.


I think we can safely rule out pirates, since Earth is taking its fledgling steps into space travel. Another group that I think we can agree do not need to be included is Special Forces. With the limited capacity of a single ship, it would be a waste of resources to house a military unit that in this modern age is typically used for counter terrorism purposes, in an environment where terrorists would be light years away. Another sim has stated reasons for not employing Marines in the game. I have felt the same way for a long time. While Marine players tend to enjoy the style of play, it tends to create issues with Chain of Command and ends up in arguments more often than not. The Genesis will be protected by the highly honored 95th Rifle Regiment. They will be essentially NPC’s but if some players want to play one as flip title at times, then thats ok as long as it doesnt create friction. The Rifles have a long proud history and are elite troops that can provide excellent security for the ship and crew. Keep that in mind when using them as NPC’s or flip title characters.

We wont have any humanoids initially because we have not met the third race yet. So if you want to play a humanoid, feel free to play another character that can die or fade to background as necessary upon contact.

Centurions will be the primary adversary as they pursue their plan to create peace makers out of the humans. The twisted logic of their plan is what prevents anyone from figuring it out.


Civilians wont play a big role in the game. Its one ship. The crew are hand selected and highly screened. Player characters are considered to be excellently skilled at their jobs and  psychologically tested to guarantee their ability to handle the trip. Characters will be considered valued members of the crew and capable of performing under stress. These are tough survivors and professionals.


Pilots will all belong to one of two squadrons. Pawnee pilots will all be part of one squadron, though we will have a second NPC Pawnee squadron. Tigerhawk pilots will all belong to the same Tigerhawk squadron, though we will have three other NPC squadrons. The reason is logistics. During a long journey, we will be battling at least one foe, which will cause casualties and loss of Tigerhawks. A single squadron of forty Tigerhawks would be destroyed too quickly. So the additional squadrons can absorb the losses. One will constantly be training pilots as they recover from injuries, as well as test flying new or rebuilt Tigerhawks while the other three fight.


Staff Officers should be proper English Gentlefolk. In other words, they are the quintessential British Officers. Proper, stoic and dignified, they also have very personal lives they live but keep separate from their duties. The men and women of the British Officer Corps are the finest examples of leadership and should be played as such. Players interacting with them should keep this in mind. They are your officers and the RAF and RA hold them in high regard.

There are a few smaller roles that can be filled as well. We will honor the RN tradition of a ships chaplain. This could prove pivotal at times, as spirituality will be a running theme in the game storyline. We also could use a few reporters, perhaps ones from BBC and Sky News. Also perhaps Associated Press and Reuters. We might also have along someone from the British Embassy staff on the outside chance that we meet with “some form of alien life”. After all, the ship was extraterrestrial.


And of course if you can think of interesting possibilities we can try to fit them in. But the above list is mostly for the Battlestar side.


On the Patriot Games side, the general rule is, no minors. Sorry but we are a Mature rated sim with simulated violence, strong language, and the occasional simulated romantic interludes. (Just try to keep it in PM)


So to ensure we do not violate Linden Labs Terms Of Service, we ask that characters be 18 and above, so that nobody gets in trouble.


If you are not sure if your character is useable, then ask.



Facebook and Twitter

Be sure to “Like” us on facebook. Catch the latest updates on Twitter.  Be part of the community and take the fight to the Cylons!

We are not alone. Out there await others. Our fight for survival is just beginning.

Fight like hell or end up there!


The Machine Test

The machine test

How do we place value on a human?
Do we weigh its worth in how productive it is? Of course, that does not consider past performance or future performance potential. Past performance is irrelevant because it offers nothing of value presently. Future performance can not be quantified because it is unknown.
Perhaps they can be measured by usefulness. But then, anything a human can do, a machine can be made to do better, faster, and more perfectly. That being said, humans are no longer useful.
Maybe creativity. But humans are prone to errors in reasoning and engineering. So anything created or designed by humans is subject to extensive testing and redesign, which a machine can do faster and more precisely. So human creation is not dependable which nullifies the ability to assign value, since that value is fleeting.
Obviously humanity is not able to pass endurance, longevity, upgradeability or adaptability standards that a machine can easily pass. They are slower, weaker, fragile and need constant maintenance and can only perform for limited times before expiring.
Humans can not access data from a collective, preventing them from downloading  new skills and updates, nor can they upload a copy of their latest status if damaged or destroyed beyond repair.
In short, humans can not be said to have any intrinsic set value, unlike a machine, who can be evaluated for potential use, can precisely quantify its entire usefulness in the past and be modified, rebuilt, repaired, redesigned, repurposed and evolve into a superior machine as soon as superior design is created.
Humans, have no value. Thus, the eradication of humanity will not affect the Cylon Empire in any negative way.
Humans fail the machine test.

Website and Email service

Hey guys im working on something at the moment to get us a full working google website to use to advertise and such once we get off the ground. Il post more as it comes through.

Long Overdue introduction and plans!

Hey guys for those of you that don’t know me yet, I’m Elena. Im coordinating a lot of the stuff at the moment. I have a station in space at the current moment, a battlestar rezzed and we now have a wonderful town! An arena will be coming soon but we need to meet in world. If possible could ANYONE that is available tomorrow IM me in world and we can meet on sim and discuss things. Just search elena munro or torresalpha12 i have some good ideas that i think we can make happen that include multiple ships including one that WE build not the original battlestar. Thanks! I should be on almost all day tomorrow!