January 2013

Contacting us

Interested in joining us?   In Second Life, you can contact any of our gang, we may need time to get back to you, but we will try to be as prompt as we can. Shmuel Dubrovna Anaxamander Barbosa Rhonda Pinion Lindsey Mollari Maximos Slade Xavier Pomegranate TorresAlpha12 Resident Cattniss Resident or contact the Mercury …

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Wish List

As we are all slowly gaining momentum I thought it might be wise to have a place to post the things that we are currently in need of for what ever particular project we happen to be working on. If somebody needs me to build something or script something so that they can continue with …

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Facebook and Twitter

Be sure to “Like” us on facebook. Catch the latest updates on Twitter.  Be part of the community and take the fight to the Cylons! We are not alone. Out there await others. Our fight for survival is just beginning. http://battlestarmercury.com Fight like hell or end up there!  

The Machine Test

The machine test How do we place value on a human? Do we weigh its worth in how productive it is? Of course, that does not consider past performance or future performance potential. Past performance is irrelevant because it offers nothing of value presently. Future performance can not be quantified because it is unknown. Perhaps …

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Website and Email service

Hey guys im working on something at the moment to get us a full working google website to use to advertise and such once we get off the ground. Il post more as it comes through.