Where for art thou?

Hey guys. I have been a little busy in real life, which is why I have not been in sim as much. I am still here. Fear not. This might be a good posting place for letting each other know where we are and stuff.


2 responses to “Where for art thou?

  1. Well, in two weeks, I will be finished with morning classes and back to Genesis. Currently Im attending classes then working evenings and nights. But thankfully I get summer off!

  2. Xavier Pomegranate

    Real life is kickin’ my butt. Not much free time to spare for at least one more week. After that I should have more time to spare. Please keep posting progress of the build. What is our status on clothing? Weapons? Aircraft? The Sci-Fi combat system will work just fine for us so when the weapon/aircraft builds are ready I will handle the combat system.