Imitation is…

Well, we are almost to our third officially sanctioned RP session and things have started to come together. Our ground build is nearly complete, just a few details and its ready to go. With that will come venders, so be sure to support them by frequenting their shops.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flatter, or so I am told. So I suppose we should be flattered that the rumor mill says there are people working on stories along similar lines to our storyline. We wish them good luck, everyone on Team Genesis knows exactly what all is involved in creating all original content. It is no simple task. But I suppose, it goes to show that new storylines and building upon the ideas in the series, can actually work. So good luck.

We have been getting a trickle of players in as word spreads about what we are up to here. We are slow to start, without much action, so its taking a bit of time for the story to lay itself out, but the twists and turns should keep people guessing as to what is going on. That will be the fun in the game, trying to work out just what the devious brains behind the storyline, are up to. So we hope to keep everyone going with the “oh wow” factor that made the series so special. Clearly the Prometheus has an unwanted passenger. Clearly there are factions at play. Just who is behind what? Pick your faction very carefully. Not everything is as it seems, and not everybody is who they claim.

What to expect:

In the next session, the mysterious Item 1735 arrives. With it comes the orders “Depart and God Speed.” With no time left to search for the killer, the crew must take its chances, alone in space. The Commodore must prove his mettle. The crew must write the rules of how to function in space. And what of the mysterious communication that was heard? Why was it erased? What does it all mean? You’ll have to figure that out, while travelling to an unknown destination, aboard prototype ships, towards a mission goal that will both change the course of human history, and erase everything e thought we knew about our past.

The thing about destiny is, it is inescapable. It is unchangeable. It is unstoppable. hopefully, it is survivable.

Project Genesis, mankind’s last hope…

One response to “Imitation is…

  1. Robert Patterson

    I am not a player, but I do follow your story. I love Battlestar Galactica and this story line is so perfect, it is the most logical continuation idea I have read, and I read a lot of fan fiction.

    The way you include elements of the series, taking it all as fact, with just a minor change regarding Sam and Kara placing Galactica in the rings of Saturn, it makes it feel as if this was written by Ron D. Moore. Are you guys part of that writing team and using this as a way to explore the idea of a continuation?

    I have seen other Battlestar Galactica fan sites and games and I consider this one the most “canon” because you do not try to change the major plot point, a lone Battlestar and rag tag fleet, and instead you embrace it and make it entirely the way it happened. That takes guts, but it also means this is the hardest continuation.

    I was surprised to see the obvious references to Hunger Games as well as Star Trek, I think I see a few other great series references thrown in, that really shows that your writing team is bold and creative. I hope you continue to put out great episodes. Thank you, from a die hard Battlestar Galactica fan!