howdy fellow BSGers

hey folks good old macy here. thought i write in and let everyone know i’m around and ready for action, cant wait for the sims to start up and get going. the story line is great and something new instead of the same old thing. well then i’ll see ya’s on the sims and keep it real folks, SO SAY  WE ALL!

One response to “howdy fellow BSGers

  1. Welcome back. Glad to see you excited about the new storyline.

    Lots of new elements and ideas. We hope to make your experience much like when watching the series for the first time. Always finding new things and learning about things as the story unfolds.

    Be sure to get with me or Anax and we can find a really position for you. Thats another thing were trying. With a smaller player base, were going to make each player a star, no supporting cast or PC props. Everyones vital and we will try very hard to write adventures that bring to life, several elements of the characters back story and motivations.

    Thanks for deciding to give this crazy wonderful idea a try!