Memorial Day RP

Another week, another Monday game session.


We had a smaller turn out, as expected, considering that it is holiday weekend, and a few people may not be as committed to the game as before. This is also expected. We have picked up a few new players over the last couple days, including two just yesterday. Welcome to Project Genesis.


An update of the story line. While Icarus and Prometheus are nearly loaded with supplies, the crews are nearly all checked in, we have large crates containing the Aerospace Superiority Fighter, Tigerhawk, stacked in the cargo bay of Prometheus. They promise the chance of action and adventure. But if UKSA is the only space power in the solar system, just who are they worried about, that they would send the pride of the RAF, to guard against? And there is some question, just who IS calling the shots? Is it the Ministry of Space? Or is it the UKSA? or is it the Crown itself? Choose your loyalty carefully!

Meanwhile, the Minister of Space has secret flights coming and going, unlogged. Mysterious high security bags are exchanged with his hand picked currier and the Captain of the 95th Rifles. He “claims” it is merely sundry business of the Crown as well as delivery of the crews official orders, but the process of delivery is not normal, nor is the strange motivations behind the mission.

Then there is the murder. A powerfully built man, most likely a technician of some sort, is found dead behind the most highly secured Tigerhawk crates. His head and hands torn from his body, not neatly sliced. The strength involved with tearing appendages from a muscular man, likely fighting for his life, would be incredible. How such a thing could happen, and go unnoticed, unrecorded, and unstopped, is a mystery. Yet with all the crew accounted for, who is the dead man? If everyone aboard is accounted for, does that mean one of the crew is the murderer? If so, they must be amazingly strong. So the hunt is on for the kind of man capable of killing a large avionics technician, ripping his head and hands off at the joints and neck, then assuming his identity.

And just who would infiltrate the mission? Could it be the Russians? Maybe its the Chinese? Or could it be the Confederacy? Knowing how dangerous the world is, it could be all three. Or is there a new player in the political world that nobody is aware of?

And finally, just what are the ships waiting for, to be delivered? Food, Water, Fuel, Weaponry, Crew… all accounted for and on schedule. But there is still one item, listed only as Item 1735, that has no description. It has no origination information, nor is it being delivered by normal military MAC flight. Could it be, whoever killed the technician, is somehow trying to effect Item 1735?

More questions than answers. And the mission is still yet to begin. Though with the final shipments arriving even now, it will be a matter of days, till Paddington Station is just a shiny dot in the aft screens, and Saturn is growing ever larger in the fore screens.

There is still time to join the mission, find the answers, and become part of the legend. Project Genesis, discovering our past, ensuring our future.

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