And we’re off!

Well, thank you, everyone who could attend. We had a fair turn out, though I still want to gather a crew for Icarus.

The launch of the mission was a bit chaotic, Im sorry for the difficulties with the sets, the chairs and the doors and all. We moved the ships into their mission profiles, so to get them exactly right, we derezzed the old ones and rezzed up fresh copies. The decision to do that was made sorta last minute, after Venice and I debated the pros and cons of moving them before, during, or after the launch RP. In the end, we obviously decided to just move them ahead of time and use a section of the space station to round out the set. It worked ok, in fact, we turned the ships 45 degrees to give more flight room around Prometheus, for future Tigerhawk and Pawnee flights. However, the ships have security settings that we are still fumbling with. I was working to get them set even during play, and Im sorry it effected a few people, thank you for the sense of humor and just playing it off as a glitch in the ship. Im sorry, and Im learning from my mistakes. I will try not to repeat that one again.

Storyline update: The mission was pushed up 48 hours (In the storyline) because of a security breech, as well as a terrorist attack. This pushed the inexperienced crew to perform at their best. The crews scrambled to get both ships off, and did a fine job with few technical problems. Number 6 engine on Prometheus is acting up, but our engineering team is working feverishly to sort that. Our Minister of Space was conspicuously absent from the Royal Entourage, perhaps in his quarters attending to Item 1735? “Jack” was stranded aboard. What will become of the Crown Prince, trapped on a ship destined for Saturn?

Meanwhile, another series of strange transmissions was detected, then evidence erased, but this time not by Shelby or the Minister of Space. It seems someone else has an interest in preventing the Commodore, and his mission, from discovering who might be on the other side of those communications. And what will happen when Item 1735 is installed into the Prometheus main computers?

As department heads begin to sort out their “turf”, and the command crew begins to learn to work together outside of the reach of the UKSA, will tempers get the better of people? And what of the murderer? Perhaps we will discover more next time?

Project Genesis, discovering our past, ensuring our future…

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