A Engineers Entry

A voice rings out in the silence of a dark room a shadow of a man sitting in a chair speaking into a voice recorder in his hand. “It is 0300 in the morning. My nightmares of the games the faces those who I killed for others entertainment haunt me every night. I sit here each night wondering what it was all for? The exams the sweat the tears of becoming a engineer to only end up a unwilling soldier of mutual destruction. Not any more I am no longer a soldier of murder but now a soldier with in the Alliance but it is pretty likely that I could see myself in that accursed position once again. I have secretly started my research again recording them encrypting the files to a code that only the key is hidden. Right now the research is only thoughts and concepts but maybe doing what I do the best will ease those nightmares. The Tigerhawks preformed beyond even the original concept projections there is a possibility that they could even be modified for space flight. But we will see I would have to actually have clearance to the hanger to see them. Well I am going to try and rest seeing that I have put the equations and images of engine plans into my mind but i think it is more because the sun is slowly lifting on the horizon.” He looks out the window a scar slowly weening into the rising light as he clicks off the recorder and slips into a uneasy slumber.

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