Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 30: “Revenge”

Commanders log: Battlestar Solaria. Indira Modi recording.

“This Battlestar, a 50 year old relic, is heading to task force conducting the counterstrike to the loss of task force 87. It is hardly the same ship.”

“Most of the internal structures have been replaced and reinforced. Landing and launch systems have been replaced in our mobile shipyard.”

“Though I am sure it would offend the legendary commander, Adama, computer systems in the shipping replaced, and that works under the supervision of HG, our head geek from Battlestar Mercury.”

“Two of our frontline mercury class battle stars are in the repair shop right now. The Athena is away on another mission. We have received intelligence, backed by photo evidence that the Cylon task force that destroyed task force, 87 is a combat jump away.”

“No, it is not ideal, and we would rather have the Athena participate in the strike. We cannot let this opportunity go to waste.”

“The combat jump is in 30 minutes.”

Commander Modi was of slight build, with jet black hair. She look like she was 19 years old, she was actually 34. Before the war, she had been a squadron commander on the Battlestar Triton. After having been injured in a flight exercise, she had lost flight status six weeks before the second Cylon war.

The executive officer, was a 55 year old war horse, tall, bald, with a head ringed by white fluffy hair. David King had been enjoying retirement when the war struck, escaping the Cylons while on a pleasure flight in an orbital glider.

“Execute Combat Jump. Good Hunting.” ordered Commander Modi.

Segment 1

2:02 CIC officer “Jump complete, DRADIS has 4 base stars, 1 modern, three Guardian class. They are launching raiders.”

2:35 “Viking commander air group. All, birds break right form up on me. Prepare antimissile defense and let’s kill some toasters!”

Segment 2

3:21 “So these are the ones that took out TF-87?”

“Yes sir. Hull surface has Colonial shrapnel visible on scopes.”

“Gunships break left hit them with broadside guns!”

4:34 “Order the Minerva to coordinate salvo fire,” ordered commander Modi.

4:57 “200 inbound missiles focusing on Artemis class.”

Segment 3

5:22 “Scratch one guardian class!”

6:07 “Oh my gods, we just lost an Artemis class battlestar!”

Segment 4

6:38 “Fire offensive salvo! Coordinate with the Apollo. Lower batteries switch to salvo mode!”

7:25 “Splash another guardian.”

Segment 5

8:25 “Did we just lose a second Artemis?” asked Commander Modi

“The Admiral is going to have our asses,” the XO replied.

9:27 “Is the Apollo in salvo mode? The base star might be able to spool up and jump away.”

“This is the XO. All birds RTB. Launch search and rescue raptors. Check the debris field on those two Artemis class for survivors. There may be sections in tact.”

Segment 6

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