Battlestar Mercury Book 3: “Logistics War” Chapter 3: “The Comms array.”

Major William (Call sign: Wild Bill) McKormick Stood in the pilots, ready room for planning center, which was arranged, like a gigantic theater with monitors on mini walls. His uniform was clean, recently pressed, he stood ramrod Straight.

It already earned the respect of the pilots on the Saturn. He had flown Vipers before the war, and left the military, not long before the current conflict and broken out, beginning with us with a Cylon assault..

He tapped his finger in the microphone. It was a library reverberation. Pilots quickly silenced a renter and paid her full attention to the major. He’s not been the executive officer of the ship for a long time, however, he can meet at immediate impression.

One of the pilots raised his voice, saying “XO was trying to talk!’

A picture of the gigantic communications array was projected on several monitors, including the large monitor behind the executive officer. It was literally overflowing with antennas and communications gear.

“This is a Cylon communications array.” He said in his low, throaty voice. “It is capable of running a large Cylon fleet, in the middle of a complicated battle environment..It has the processing power of 10 mercury, glass, battle stars, at least. We believe it’s been used to hack our systems, whenever we had a battle near one of these things.”

“Normally, our mission would be to simply blow this thing apart. But today we have to learn Marines board, and not destroy this fracking kitchen appliance. We have to get special hardware connected to its net work, so that we can listen in on this communications and learn more about the enemy.”

“HG, our resident, cyber genius, has been working on a new operating system for all of our ships. This will enable us to take care of things that we now do manually, such as flak and AAA fire. It is believed that this communications hub contains hardware that takes communications from normal space into black of a better word FTL space.”

“What this means is these communications hubs provide the Cylon with a huge advantage. Whenever the enemy encounters are forces, the data is uploaded to the communications system, and shared, almost instantaneously from here, all the way back to the colonies and whatever the Cylons call home.”

“HG hopes to first learn as much as possible about how this communications network works. He’s been in tens with direct communication with this device. We’re installing to begin to monitor this network.”

“Eventually, we may be able to control this network. We hope to be able to send the cylon false data, which will enable us to launch attacks, while Cylon forces are defending the wrong target. We may be able to temporarily disrupt, and shut down their net work, so that we can attack targets of opportunity, without risk of a strong defense.”

“What we have definitely seen through observation, and our previous hacks into the enemy network is this: Every time they catch us on their DRADIS, every time we attack the smallest outpost, data is uploaded into this network and shared instantly across the galaxy. This mission is to help us learn how that works, to start to take advantage of it.”

“We have data from our previous hacks that shows that there are thousands of these devices from here all the way back to the colonies. Right now they are eating the enemy so he can rapidly react to any attack. They also look for witnesses and that’s how they caught us in the only destroyed us before we changed our tactics”

“We must get the Marines safely onto the station, give them time to install the hardware and software, retrieve them, and then get the hell out of there.”

“Welcome to the first offensive in a very long battle. We invented the Cylon. They were the result of human innovation. We have suffered through two wars, the elimination of the 12 colonies and this current desperate race for survival. Our mission more important than gathering data and hacking some hardware well if successful bring us hope. Hope that we can win this war. Hope that we can escape and build new homes. Hope for the survival of the human race.”

“We launch in 30 minutes. We will do this launch after a combat jump expect to be under fire the minute you’re out of the tubes Good Hunting.”

The pilots clap each other shoulders give each other, high-fives and enthusiastically, left the pilots, ready room, theater, heading with confidence to their vipers and raptors. They were enthusiastic and believed in themselves and their mission”

Saturn CIC:

XO in CIC: “All ships show ready to jump. All squadrons report, ready to launch on the other side.” CO: “jump!”

CIC: “Cylon’s are jumping in reinforcements.” Saturn Actual: “Can we jam the Hub?” XO: “Negative.”

CIC:”Armor breach starboard flight pod. Moderate internal damage.”

XO: “Damage control teams to starboard pod.”

Commander Ramirez: “They just keep jumping in. Hold the marines.” XO: “Marine raptors holding on Solaria. Main guns salvo mode on acquiring a firing solution.”

Saturn actual: “This is Saturn actual. Solaria, launch the boarding force. Squadrons escort the raptors.”

“This is Solaria actual. Marines have successfully breached the hub. No centurions found inside. Tech teams are proceeding with their mission.”

Saturn CIC: “More toasters jumping in.Radiological alarm. They have nukes.”

“This is Solaria actual. Tech teams report hardware installation complete. We are pulling out the teams and the marines.”

Saturn CIC: “another base star classic just jumped in. 2 escorts, launching raiders and missiles. More nukes. New radiological alarms!”

Saturn XO: “I am buying drinks for those gun crews tonight. Thats he third nuke salvo they have shut down. All vipers RTB. combat. landings authorized.”

Saturn DRADIS: “They jumped. Threat board is clear.” Commander Ramirez: “Recover all birds. Fleet spool up FTL. Damage reports on the other side.”

Chapter Video: Limited story info

Chapter Video: Limited story info