Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 10. “Abort!”

Athenas run part 4

Commanders log Battlestar Athena day 649 of the second Cylon war. Commander Evans recording.

“Our intelligence has detected a large increase in Cylon traffic. We have hit many fuel Depot’s ourselves. Our clandestine network has proven reliable at detecting the enemy, and at communication between our forces.”

”We had hoped that by now, supplies would’ve dwindled for our enemy. We want to cut off the supply of fuel, spare parts, all the supplies they need to make war against us, and chase us across the galaxy. Measured in the pure tonnage that we have seized, we have been successful beyond any estimates from Admiral Lawson.”

“Yet the enemy keeps coming, with stronger and stronger forces. We drive deeper toward the center of their sphere of influence as we know it. We have topped off our tanks and filled our ammunition magazines to the brim.”

“Our mission, and the reason the Battlestar Solaria was assigned to us is to drive even deeper into enemy territory. Our scouting has shown that older Cylon forces using the first war ships are being supplemented by modern based stars. These forces primarily used to destroy the colonies, fly very large numbers of raiders, and have a plentiful arrays of weapons options with which to counter my forces.”

“Modern ships packed with modern raiders have been traveling in packs of 3 or 4. Combined with other enemy forces, we don’t have the air or gun power to overwhelm these locations. Reconnaissance has revealed the presence of at least 25 of these modern base stars traveling about the quadrant. They are wolves looking for prey.”

“Reconnaissance raptors are the busiest ships on our flight deck. They paint a picture of random movements. They appear to be waiting for us to make a move in order to trap us and destroy us. We cannot allow this to happen.”

“My spouse Major Evans is still in sick bay. Several weeks ago she collapsed in CIC. Examination of revealed she was pregnant. By law we are required to remove her from danger so she can complete the pregnancy. But the ship needs her. She’s on bedrest in the medical bay and still doing her duties as the executive officer.”

“No matter what barriers we put up to protect her and get her rest, department heads talk to her with emails, or smuggling her tablet computers. She is the heart and soul of the ship, and when they take her away, we will not be the same. She is the beating heart of the Battlestar Athena.”

“Reconnaissance has given us hot intelligence of a Cylon base that can be attacked without running into modern-day stars. Our CAG is chomping at the bit wanting to strike immediately.”

“I am wary, but I’ve authorized a strike. My job is to hit the Cylons not avoid them.”

* * *

CIC Athena: “All ships show green FTL. Signal is green for combat jump.”

Commander Evans: “Execute Combat Jump!”

CIC: “DRADIS shows 18 contacts.”

CO: “Launch offensive salvos. CAG press hard!”

DRADIS: “4 new contacts launching raiders!”

CIC: “Radiological alarm!”

CAG: “We are outnumbered 3 to 1”

Commander Evans: “Abort. Spool up FTL. Recall Air Wing. Combat landings authorized.”

CIC: “Offensive salvo 2 Launch ready! 300 missiles 1000 raiders inbound!”

CIC: “Cylons are trying to hack our network! Valkyries under heavy fire!”

CIC: “Multiple nuclear launches detected!”

Commander Evans: “Come on, come on come on!”

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