Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 12 “Helping Hand.”

Sam, Willard, commanded task force 69. He got the innuendo about the naming of his task force, and just didn’t care. It’s hurt all his career before the war in small battle stars. The Valkyrie was his home his comfort zone. He never desire to fly anything more complicated or larger.

Now we had a conference call with the commander of the Battlestar, Athena, Commander Evans. The two men had known each other for many years before the war.

“How is your wife Athena actual?” He used his radio call sign as a term of endearment.

“I don’t think I should talk about that an open line,” Evans smiled back. They both new how she was, stuck in sick bay on bed rest.

“All right boss, what can I do for you? My scrappy little task force is at your disposal as per her instructions from the admiral.”

“Well, Sammy, I got this for bass stars they keep, jumping in the matter what I try and attack. I need them to be distracted for a little while. Can you do something for me, sir?”

Willard was still a Colonel as he had not even bothered to complete the paperwork for the commanders pins. He looked down at the tactical report from last aborted mission of the Battlestar, Athena and her task force. He crumpled his eyebrows for a moment as he concentrated. “Looks like they’ve got a lot of raiders,” he said, in a slight country accent.

Commander Evans leaned back in his chair, looking a little tired, and his laptop camera. “I really need these guys to go away Sammy can you help me out?”

Willard smiled. “I am always willing to lend you a helping hand, Athena actual.” The portly man then lean back and give a belly laugh. “I captured some Cylon nukes a couple days ago. Can I use them?”

Nuclear authorization was not the easiest thing to get. Less than a 100 years ago colonial said there’s new and used nukes against each other in a brutal war. Nuclear weapons and then banned until they became necessary during the first Cylon war.

Willard gave a sly smile. “I might’ve forgotten to log them in,” his eyes twinkled.

Commander. Evans smiled. “We really need these guys off our back so we can wipe out the silent task force. It’s blocking us at all angles. If you can lend me a helping hand, I can overlook your friend your omission of those weapons from your inventory. Do mentioned how you did it in the after action report that OK?”

Colonel Willard’s face was overtaken by a look of concern. “Are these the only modern uglies bothering you?”

“Honestly Sammy I’m not sure. These four seem to be a sign to make my life miserable. There were about 20 others that I’ve been passing to the sector. They said they have someplace to go and I don’t know where that is what is. Take care of these guys I’ll take care of my task force, and then we’ll figure out what they gotta do next.”

Colonel Willard smiled. “I will send a signal raptor when the job is done. We’re quickly and then she jumped the hell out of there. They may be trying to trap you Athena, actual.”

“Roger that,” Evans smiled before ending the conference call.

* * *

Task Force Leader

“DRADIS. has toasters, signal the fleet we need a new staging area.”

TF-69: “All boards show green. All birds in the tubes. Nukes are warmed up!”

TG-69: “Athena needs us to gut these 4 base stars. For the Athena! For the Admiral! For the Colonies!”

TF-69: “Nukes armed, launching vipers. Maximum agressive. All players atttack. Lets show them wat a bunch of little battlestars can do!”

TF-69: “Crash turn starboard. Launch all nukes.As soon as they clear flak left. We have Radiologcial alarms. Missile launch immanent”

TF-69: “Two toasters modern ugly down. Air wing deal with the raiders, we are locking guns on the two survivors.”

TF-69: “Keep the pressure on them.”

TF-69: “Area is clear. Two Vals took cluster nukes. Send the signal raptor to Athena. Signal GO MISSION. DC party to our wounded Vals.”

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