Battlestar Mercury, Book#3 “Logistics”: chapter 18 “tit-for-tat”

“This is the XO pre jump check list is running.”

“All launch bays have birds and are ready for combat jump.”

“All FTL lights are green. The board shows jump keys are inserted. FTL spooled and ready. Double check FTL jump destinations.”

CIC: “Valkyrie wing reporting ready for combat jump.

“Minotaur’s reporting ready for combat jump.”

“Supply ships show ready.”

Radio transmission on speakers: “This is Solaria actual. We are ready to jump.”

XO: “Requesting orders from Saturn actual.”

Saturn Actual: “Conduct combat jump. Good hunting.”

CIC: “All ships are present in formation.”

Saturn Actual: “Launch all birds, fire first offensive salvo.”

XO: “Launch all vipers, fire missile salvo one. All ships break right. Ready flak left. Maintain formation.”

CIC: “Radiologcal alarm. Nuclear launch detected.”

XO: “Set warship posture to defensive. Ready flak. Valkyrie detachment flak left.”

XO: “CAG. Queen keep your birds clear of the debris mines. Guns shift to target two.”

CIC: “Nuclear launch warning. More nukes inbound.”

XO: “Flak left all capable ships. Prepare for shockwaves.”

Saturn Actual: “Maintain formation. Maintain firing rate.”

XO: “You heard the commander. Keep her going.”

XO: “More nukes inbound! CAG Several squadrons damaged by the debris mines. Red and blue squadrons, defend the recovery of bent birds. Queen! Get it done.”

Saturn Actual: “Combat landings are authorized.”

XO: “Get those birds on the deck. Crash turn to port. Prepare to flak right. Guns shift to closest target.”

Pilot: “This is Lizard to all players in blue squadron. Interceptors, inbound, nukes, and form up on me. We’re going Base star shopping”

CIC: “Nuclear detonations.”

XO: “Maintain flak and maintain gun firing rate. Let’s get a firing solution for the main guns. Prepare for salvo mode.”

CIC: “Gunships switch fire to alternate target. Valkyries maintain fire in current target take them down take them down. Vipers they are concentrating on the supply ships please defend them. We need those weapons for the next stage of the battle plan.”

XO Saturn: “All players concentrate your fields of fire, maintain flak. Concentrate on this the last couple of base stars they tried to bracket us, and we got them. CAG, maintain safety with your air wing we need them for the next step of this journey.”

Saturn Actual: “This is Saturn Actual. Maintain firing rates. Damage control parties standby for launch. Warships report any need for emergency repairs before the next jump.”

XO:”This is XO Saturn. Prepare for next phase of the operation. Remember it’s two jumps to get to the next depot. Please double triple check all jump coordinates so we all end up in the same place at the same time and get into the formation we have in the battle plan.”

Saturn Actual: “This is Saturn actual to all forces. We’ll see you on the other side. Good hunting!”

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