Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 23: “The Distraction Offensive part 2”

Day 748 of the second Cylon war.

After a quick status check with Maria Ramirez on the Saturn, Evans assumed command of the task force. The commanders case of the sun spot virus was relatively severe. She was coughing, frequently, and in sick bay isolation. Her doctors reported that her blood oxygenation level was in the low 90s. It was of concern, but it was not a life-threatening situation at this time.

The battlestar Saturns, executive officer, Call sign Wild Bill assured Evans that the ship was under firm command and ready to perform the next step of the battle plan.

“This is the Task force commander.Begin jump prep,” Commander Evans ordered from the CIC of Athena.

Communications gave the order over fleet wireless. “Athena to all task force members, begin jump preparation.”

“Athena jump key inserted.”

“Athena NAV computer spun up and confirmed with updated jump coordinates.”

“Saturn, NAV computer spun up, jump key is inserted.”

“This is Athena communications to all ships, confirm the updated jump coordinates set zulu, read them into the encrypted battle channel.”

“Saturn, confirming jump coordinates,” the report back over wireless began.

“This is Saturn communications. Our board is green. All birds are in the tubes ready for combat jump and launch.”

“This is Athena communications to all ships. All bored show green, all jump coordinates are authenticated. The fleet is ready for a combat jump. We’ll see you on the other side.”

“Jump complete, all warships are in formation and launching the air wings.”

“DRADIS! 5 contacts, all heavies, reacting slowly raider launch is substandard.”

“This is XO Saturn, gun batteries report ready auto fire is enabled. Requesting weapons free, firing solution is imminent.”

“This is the task force commander to all gun batteries. Weapons free weapons, repeat weapons free!”

“This is CAG Saturn call sign “Toddler”. Form up on me and get ready for the main attraction.

“This is Queen CAG Athena. Strike group Tiger form up on me. Anyone thinking Toddler’s call sign is mental age appropriate, click your microphone once.”

“This is the task force commander. Nuclear weapons salvo one, fire now. Salvo one fire salvo number one. “

Fleet Wireless: “This is Roamer or how I got three of my tail help me out!”

Albany Valkyrie CIC: “This is the Albany. I’ve got a firing solution on the Cratus. Taking the shot with top guns!”

Commander, Steven Evans stood in Athena’s CIC and watched the battle progress. It was clear to him that once again the Cylons had been caught unprepared. If his mind wandered and he felt bad for the previous one sided slaughter, he quickly reminded himself of the tens of billions the Cylons had murdered, two years ago in their surprise attack on the Colonies.

Mentally he noted a missile salvo inbound that was missed by the fighters. The grinding or crunching sound as the armor was chewed up was familiar to him by now. A brief power surge impacted the lighting, causing it to flicker. Newly installed Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) kept vital monitors and control systems steady through what was a weak inbound salvo.

Commander Evans could feel the slight shift in artificial gravity as the opposing force of the missiles and their explosion disrupted their course into the battle.

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Fleet wireless: “Splash one but ugly cratus class base star.”

By this point in the battle it was clear that this task force was in control of the situation. The air wing was in solid control of their space. The battle stars were laying guns on targets. Nuclear missiles were being used on important targets.

Within the CIC of some of the ships in the task force, people became less tense. Though this flight included, modern base, stars, and the modern raiders, surprise was winning this battle. There were a few fists in the air, when another Cylon vessel was destroyed.

Fleet Wireless: “This is Toddler CAG, Athena All Vipers form of shield in front of the fleet, take down the inbound missiles.”


When the battle ended, the situation was so secure that it was not necessary to permit combat landings. The air wing was recovered were normal, slower pattern. Those Vipers and Raptors that were damaged, got priority on landing.

* * *

On board the Cylon command ship, the model number one the Brother Cavil, was pacing angrily, watching casualty reports stream in. He was shouting at a Doral model.

“You said when we lost the ability to track them from their hacks on our net work, that you had a new plan to track the colonials. That grand plan involves letting them take ammunition from our supply depot’s. A certain number of shells were supposed to have trackers on them to let us know where the racking colonials are. So far you have gotten one tracking signal back on a shell as it traveled from a Colonial battlestar into the center axis of one of our base stars. Do you have an explanation?”

“The Colonials must have shielded their magazines to stop us from tracking.”

“Wonderful!” the Cylon commander roared. “We are supplying the bullets to the enemy to kill us with. Perhaps we will do better with nukes!”

The Doral merely cowered under the verbal assault.

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