Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 28: “Smaller skirmish #2”

Commander: Task Force 87. 3 Valkyrie class support battlestars.

Commander Charles “Beans” Baker recording from the Battlestar Avenger.

“Today is day 800 of the second Cylon war. It is not a momentous day. It’s just another day at the office for the colonial forces as we try to disrupt Cylon supply lines, and enable our escape from the extermination plan of these killer robots.”

“When one thinks about machines, one expects them to be smart. It hardly seems smart for them to expend the massive amount it resources they are spending to pursue the new Colonial fleet. We are badly beaten and barely holding together.”

“I may be a commander, but really I am just another blue collar worker. I clock in and try to do my job and then we run away to safe haven. Today’s job is to hit a slightly larger Cylon fleet than the last one. Our reconnaissance raptors have just brought us back digital photos of a vulnerable Cylon fleet, consisting of one modern base star, and one older base star, which our intelligence has given the code name: Guardian.”

“We are joined by a third Valkyrie class battlestar and are spooled up for an immediate combat jump. We will launch on the other side.”

1:45 “DRADIS two contacts Cylon base stars, launching raiders.”

1:49 “Launching offensive salvo!”

3:05 “Grace! Form up on me lets get on those raiders!”

3:14 “Flak left got inbound ordinance!”

3:34 “Grace ! Fully engaging the Cylon raiders!”

3:59 “Frak! There are missiles everywhere!”

5:00 “Inbound missiles two groups. Vipers prepare to intercept.”

6:37 “Grace air wing enemy is taking damage.

7:10 “Ascension actual,scratch one toaster base star.”

7:30 “Avenger actual. Bring it home. Bring it home.”

7:56 “Base star is on fire. Vipers stand by to clear the area!”

8:57 “Target down. All players RTB. All vipers RTB. Damage Control teams stand by!”

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