Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 29 “Overpowered”

“Commanders log, day 807 of the second Cylon war. Commander Baker recording for task force 87.

“After five days down time for flight training and minor repairs, we are ready for another combat jump. Recon photos shows the same fleet we faced last time. One modern base star, one Guardian class base star. The jump clock is at 2 minutes.”

00:48 “Frak us, they have an extra base star!”

Commander Baker spoke quickly to his XO, “We can’t take them with three Valkyries.”

“Commander, the air wing is launched, if we try to abort now we’ll lose a lot of pilots.” answered his new executive officer.

“Frak it, launch the salvo, we’ll have to make due,” Baker answered.

“Grace! Air wing form up there are more toasters than recon reported.”

1:41 “Break, right flak left!” Baker ordered

1:51 “Launch salvo 2,” Baker ordered.

1:58 “Ordinance inbound 200!”

2:18 “This is Grace to Avenger actual. The toasters are all over us. We are full defensive.”

2:55 “Ascension actual, we are under heavy missile fire. We have to recall our birds and jump the frak out of here.”

3:17 Baker ordered, “Drop flak fire a salvo and then resume flak left.”

“We’re in their gun range sir. We won’t last long in here,” Avengers CIC deck officer warned.

3:51 “We are taking heavy fire, sir. We can’t last long like this!“

4:35 “The air wing is fully engaged we have to jump without them. We can’t stay here, sir!”

4:40 Baker snapped, “We are not leaving without our air wing!”

“Then we may all die together sir. The fleet needs these ships sir!”

5:08 “This is Grace toasters are all over us. We can’t break free!”

5:54 “Air wing is barely holding on. Looks like the Val’s are under heavy fire. Avenger actual,jump out of here. We can run while you assemble reinforcements. It would be nice to land in a big Mercury class Battlestar landing decks or deck, sir!”

“Signal all ships to spool up. FTL. Report jump readiness,“ ordered Commander Baker.

“Zeus reports heavy damage, sir FTL off-line!”

“I waited too long,” Baker lamented.

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