Battlestar Mercury Book 3 “Logistics” Chapter 34 “The return of the Solaria”

Task Force 77 log. Day 851 of the second Cylon War

Battlestar Athena: Commander Steven Evans recording.

“Commander, Steven Evans, recording. A reconnaissance raptor just jumped in with an emergency. Three colonial transport ships have been ambushed while carrying essential shipbuilding ores to the shipyard from our various mining locations. Task Force 77 is on ready alert. We will jump in five minutes to try and rescue the ships.”

“As much as I try and maintain my focus, my wife’s high risk for pregnancy back at an undisclosed medical location weighs heavily on my mind. Perhaps hammering, some Cylons will allow me to stop worrying about the situation that cannot control.”

* * *

Combat information Center: Battlestar, Athena.

“This is Athena actual. Task force 77 actual. All ships have reported in except for the Solaria.”

“This is Solaria actual. The repaired Battlestar Solaria is ready for action. Reporting ready for combat jump.”

“All ships have made the jump successfully. DRADIS has 10 contacts, 3 friendly freighters. CAG reports all squadrons have launched and are forming up. Several enemy contacts. Base stars are launching Raiders!”

“This is actual. All ships execute formation turn. Break right! Deploy PCM’s. Flack at the ready. Order the freighters to form up behind us so that they physically can’t be hit by fire!”

“Yes Sir.”


“Solaria. Missile Salvo hit sub-light engines. No damage the armor stopped it.”


“Pony. Commander air group. The Raiders are trying to sneak past our lines and attack the freighters. Anybody squirts we gotta take care of them!”

“This is Toddler, Upchuck, break left you got a pair on your tail. Nerd, stay with your wing mate Gods damn it!”


“Pony to all players. There is a heavy concentration of fire just ahead. Be mindful of it and stay with your wing mates.”


“This is batman, two bogies sneaking through and engaging one of the transports.”

“Toddler. Upchuck! You and your wing mate get over there and take care of business!”

“Batman and Zebra, responding. On them, lining up the shot. Banzai, just zorched two toasters.”

“Pony. Tiger squadron engage ordinance salvos.”


“This is Solaria actual. Cratus base star is charging. Solaria is executing turn to port. Forward guns prepare for salvo mode.”

“This is Athena actual. Execute battle turn to port. Forward guns to salvo mode as soon as we have a firing solution.”


“This is the battlestar solaria. We have a firing solution and are firing at the first base star center axis. Maintaining fire salvo mode.”

“Scratch one base star!”

“Pony. Attack wing. Hit the base star right underneath your birds!”

“Athena to transports break right. Spool up FTL. Get ready to make a break and jump while we take c this task force.”’ ordered Commander Evans.

“Scratch another butt ugly first war toaster base star.”


“Pony, fighter group cheetah. Break off your current target and provide ordinance defense as the transports leave the battle area.”


“This is Solaria actual. The transports have jumped. All planes are ordered to RTB and task force ships are ordered to complete damage assessments and prepare to jump. The Cylon task force has bugged out and jumped away.”

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