Battlestar Mercury Book 3: “Logistics” Chapter 38: “Operation Flashback Part 2”

Jump 5

“Contacts, launching raiders, they do not have target lock on us Sir.”

“They don’t need a target lock, they practically beat us to this location,” Commander Emerson replied, in a sarcastic tone.

Technical officer: “Checking signals intelligence, perhaps this Cylon FTL gear is giving away our position.”

“Air wing is up at defensive station. All guns weapons free in designated engagement zones. First salvo ready to fire when there is a solution.”

“We have a missile solution, firing salvo one!”

“New contacts Nemesis class jumping in. Firing missiles!”

“FTL is spooled and ready. All birds in the pods. All ships show green.”

“Jump. Get those vipers ready for relaunch as soon as possible.”

Segment 1

“Contacts? Already? Sitrep. Signals Intelligence, any unexplained signals?” Commander Emerson smacked his clipboard onto the plotting table.

“Negative. We will go over the data again.”

“We have raiders inside the fighter engagement zone!”

“Air wing! Take them out!” ordered Commander Emerson.

“Missiles inbound. We are inside the toasters gun range!”

Segment 2

“Several ships are taking fire!”

“FTL jump status!”

“Negative! Board is red!”

“Board is green. All ships show ready to jump. Air wing is recovered!”

“Multiple cyber attacks on our network!”

“Jump us the hell out of here!”

Segment 3

8:07 Jump 6.

“Contacts. Long range. Probable fighter launch. We have not finished the re-arm and refuel of the air wing.”

“Launch the birds that are ready. Fire the offensive salvo!”


“Direct missile hit on an Arachne class.”


“One hundred mark one raiders inbound.”


“Launching countermeasures.”


“All triple-a weapons free in designated engagement zones.”

“New contact! Nemesis class!”

“Radiological alarm! 2 nukes inbound!”

“Air wing is engaging inbound ordinance!”

“Two nukes detonated by flak!”

“All ships taking ordinance and gun fire!”

“All ships jump when ready!” ordered Commander Emerson.

“We are taking fire topside! Armor is holding but degrading!”

“Jump complete all ships are present!”

“Start the clock! Damage control teams activate. Clear the pods for supply and repair raptors!” ordered the commander.

Segment 4

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