Chapter 1: Visiting the Solaria museum

Admiral Mueller

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Commanders video log Battlestar Mercury: Ten days out of refit. Rear Admiral Samuel J Mueller recording. It’s been a long three months. The Battlestar Mercury has all new software, a new networking system and my chief engineer tells me brand-new computer hardware.

It seems like the same ship to me but what do I know? We are ordered to proceed to the frontier known as the armistice line. The border between mankind of the colonies in our creations that went to war against us 40 years ago.

In my 25 year career in the Colonial fleet, this border has always been quiet. We have not had as much as a blip on our sensors in all the years that I served in the colonial fleet. The Cylons, robots we created to serve us that came to rebel against us and try to exterminate us. Many in the Admiralty have wondered what is going on beyond the border. The current commander of the Battlestar Galactica was transferred from the Valkyrie after a rumored mission very close if not beyond that border. The mission went bad in the pilot was lost.

William Adama, the final officer who deserves the rank of the Admiral as much as I do now commands a museum. Before there was the Galactica, the fleet Battle Star Museum was old Solaria. For 15 years that old ship from the Jupiter class has been a museum commanded by my old friend retired commander Jesse Green.

On my way to the front, where we expect no action at all I decided to drop by and visit my old friend. This museum will be replaced by the Galactica when her retirement from service is complete tomorrow.

I have been assigned a new CAG, Commander Air group, after the tragic loss of Jonathan Williams in a training accident just before the Battlestar Mercury was set to go in for its refit. My new Commander of the air group is Major Eva ‘yevka’ Lawson. Previously she commanded air groups on the Pacifica and more recently the Atlantia.

She is known as a very good pilot and leader of men. She also has reputation for sleeping with subordinates. This is the reason why Admiral Nagama released her from her assignment. He personally calls me another day to assure me that she had learned her lesson and she would be a great leader to replace Major Williams.

Somehow I am not in full belief that this is the case. I have no choice as the Admiral of the fleet has made an assignment and I must follow orders. I don’t have to be happy about it though.

I look forward to another tour of duty with Col. Marsha Rogers. She is a very good officer and is the end of this tour she will be promoted to commander and receive her own command.

Although Major Lawson was scheduled to go to War College and was herself on the track to command, her latest problems have disqualified her from command. She will be faced with a stark choice: she will either be a commander of the air group for the rest of her career or she will retire. No matter what she does in my command, she will not be promoted to Colonel.

Adm. Samuel Mueller shut off the video log. He sighed, leaned back in his seat. A veteran of 25 years in the colonial fleet he knew he was not going to rise any higher. He had proved that he was competent and creative as a commander. His crews gave him the highest possible ratings on every annual evaluation.

He was about 6 feet tall with mostly dark hair and a shore leave beard that would soon be cut off. He was 54 years old, and a slight twitch in his right hand has been diagnosed as a neurological disorder. At his next physical he would lose flight status. His most important achievement of a long career was proficiency in flying the Mark VI viper.

Now, this would be taken away from him. His doctors estimated yet five years left for you what he forced to retire from his command. He straightened his uniform, lifted himself out of the chair instead of attention. He looked at himself in the mirror and ran his hand through his thinning hair.

After graduating from the Academy he had quickly risen to this squadron command and the rank of captain. Strapping a Viper to his back was very close to his core identity. 

He was going to talk things over with Cmdr. Jesse Green. For 15 years he commanded a museum. Although it had busted the budget and on numerous occasions, he tried to maintain that ship in a space worthy condition. There was no ammunition aboard but the FTL was simply too big to remove. The engines were cranky, and the power was unreliable but nothing could make Jessie Green would retire to go fishing.

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