Chapter 5: 14:32 before the attacks.

On patrol 100 km from the Cylon frontier.

Lieutenant Maria Ramirez was an IT specialist assigned to the Mercury. She was about 80 kilos, medium height with straight black hair, streaked with splashes of white. She stood up straight outside the Admiral’s office. She was bringing the ships commander bad news and that would never be fun.

She announced herself to the marine guard outside the door and was ushered inside.

After stepping through the door she began to salute both Rogers and Mueller who both waved it off.

“Report,” Rogers ordered.

“Something is definitely wrong with the system upgrades. The ships network routers are running twenty percent above specifications and the ships response to commands is somewhat sluggish.”

“The hardware was supposed to be faster,” the Admiral remarked.

“It is Sir,” the Lieutenant answered. The software running on the new network is issuing three times the needed number of commands.”

The CAG stepped into the office from the inside kitchenette and stared a bored look on your face.

The XO spoke, “one sentence summary followed by a similar remediation plan for those of us who are not computer geeks.”

“Bad software. Vendor says we need an update. Contractor fracked up.”

“How long?” Mueller asked.

“Twelve hours,” Ramirez said. “Network down. Everything manual.”

“Impact on overall operations,” Lawson asked. “For example auto landing ten squadrons of vipers?”

“Vipers start bumping into each other, lots of dead pilots,” the IT officer ran a nervous hand through her hair.

“Frack,” the Admiral said. “We gotta fix this. XO contact fleet command and get us orders. Lieutenant Ramirez emergency shutdown of the entire ships network.”

The CAG was already on a phone. “This is the CAG, general broadcast. All birds in the air, manual landings.”

“You are Increasing flight operations?” Rogers asked incredulously.

“We are 100 klicks from Cylon space with a crippled ship. We need the practice and the protection. I have to get to the LSO station.”

“Make sure your birds know where the border is,” Rogers ordered. “Combat landings before the jump?”

“Yep,” Lawson left the room right after Ramirez, nodding to the Tauron.

“I love this CAG,” Mueller smiled.

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