Chapter 9: Exploring inner cyberspace

Weaponized: Life of a network router

Chaoter 8 seems to be MIA! Read on I will find it if its important. The computer program ran very few cycles per hour. However it managed to remotely wake up every network device on the battlestar.

The process hit only taken a few milliseconds. Install the tiny program, designed to look like a graphic in the control system. All of the programming of this exploit were in the form of binary encryption within about appear to be a small photograph.

The program explored ships Communications in orders. We discovered the order that all network hardware was to be shut down, it’s shut down the router it within which it had spawned.

Like all computers, it had a central processing unit. It maintained a very low state of power to the CPU and to memory. The reason for this was to pretend the vendita giochi gonfiabili router was down as per the ship’s orders. In actuality, every piece of network hardware on this ship was now owned by this program which was originally introduced to the network as part of Gaius Baltar’s CNP.

Stealth until activation was the order of the day for this program. It hit itself from the humans by making sure none of the exterior lights of the network hardware was lit. Operating in extremely low power mode, communicated with other programs resident and other systems. It even managed to intercept Communications traffic from Fleet command to the ship and vice versa.

Shuffle hours go to ship had requested permission to jump to a safe repair location. The purpose was to make corrections to faulty network software. There was now in low power neural network operating across the entire warship. It formed a rudimentary artificial intelligence, much like the Cylons themselves.

This artificial intelligence had objectives to achieve. If the shift jumped to a repair shop and fixed itself the subject is without being met. The order came in and read request granted. There was orders to report status and request for time estimate on the repair.

Since this was likely to cause the AI to fail to meet its objective, the order was re-written. 

Everything was calculated to make any security check on the message pass. The link of the message was consistent with the encryption protocols that were used by the colonial fleet. 

The message was crafted so that a back check with the original message would pass on almost every level. The orders were properly queued in the electronic mailbox of the command authority.

When Admiral Samuel Mueller Open the orders he was flabbergasted. “What the Frack?”

Show me XO stormed into his office clutching a printed copy of the orders. “Can you believe this?” she asked.

“It’s not unprecedented. I was he very similar orders while you were off at your mother’s funeral last year. Charge toward the border with full flight operations, make it seem like we’re going to cross the border and see if we can draw them to the other side and provoke a skirmish. They started, we get a chance to test our combat capabilities are limited scale operation. Then we go to armistice station apologize for the misunderstanding and restore the peace.”

“That is freaking dangerous,” the XO opined.

“If we fail to follow the order will both be removed from command,” said the admiral. “The speed instructions were not specific. As a matter fact, they were omitted from this order. We’re going to comply with this sort of very, very slowly. Let’s make for the border and 25K pH. That will take four hours, and not be perceived as a threat.”

“Sneaky,” said the XO. “I will make it so.”

“Very good XO,” he said.

“We will maintain flight operational tempo,” the Admiral ordered.