The second book in the Battlestar Mercury Series

Chapter 17: “Ambush”

The alarm klaxons went off. It shook all three of the commanders the unmistakable sound of condition One shook the entire ship. “Action stations, action station set condition one throughout the fleet, cylon fleet has jumped in action stations action stations condition, one this is not a drill” Combat: “DRADIS Contact. Action stations. Action stations …

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Chapter 13: – Fuel Part 2

Combat: “Air wing is refueled and re-armed.” Lawson: “Hold them in the tubes. Cylons wont make us wait too long.” Combat: “Saturn reports FTL drive is repaired.” XO Mercury: “This is Whiskey Saturns orders are to hang back. Jump if pressured.” Saturn Combat: “This is XO Saturn. Orders acknowledged.” DRADIS: “Contacts, cylon air fleet. Launching …

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Chapter 10: The Space Station

Commander Maria Ramirez had never been a patient woman. This applied to her pre-war career as an IT specialist on the Battlestar Mercury. It applied even more today, with the burden of a command and so many lives depending on her.