Chapter 12: Fuel Part 1

Mercury Pilot briefing theatre

Admiral Lawson was standing at the podium in front of the big monitor. On the monitor was the targeted tylium refinery. It was not the closest, some six jumps away. It was deep in Cylon space. Recon had indicated that due to the distance, it had lighter defenses.

The Commanders of the Athena and Saturn were present, along with the two Mercury class ships Commanders of the air group.

“Our original plan,” Admiral Lawson began, called for three Mercury class battlestar groups. Sadly, the Athena is not ready. She is at a secret location with the rebuilt mobile shipyard. The repairs will take approximately 4 weeks. The shipyard lacks the mineral resources to build new Valkyrie class ships.”

“They will be able to repair two damaged Valkyrie class per week. To prevent the Cylons from getting the mobile shipyards location nobody but the ships scheduled for repair know the location. Theere is a planned meeting point which we plan to rejoin with the fleet in five weeks.”

“So the fleet assigned for repair,” Commander Evans of the Athena asked. “Will be assigned as guards?”

“Indeed, correct. Commander Evan’s we have a raptor ready to take you to your duty which is to get the Athena ready for battle.”

“So say we all!” Evans said. “May I applaud your elegant solution Admiral.”

Lawson smiled and met his eyes. “Kissing my ass will not give me the power to promote you to Admiral.”

“Every other combat capable ship in our fleet has an assignment for this operation. Because of the infiltration by Cylon humanoid models, nobody but Mercury and Saturn actual know the assignment. Also our XO’s. This mission is necessary for survuval. We take the refinery or less than half the fleet has the fuel necessary to make the jump to the planned meeting in five weeks.”

Todd Matthews call sign “Toddler” of the Athena spoke up next. “Some of my pilots are wanting to volunteer to fill open slots in your squadrons.”

Lawson smiled. “We have deactivated several Atlas and Artemis class to carry passengers. We will have nearly 80% of our rated Mark 7 viper complement aboard Mercury and Saturn. We already have scouts out looking for te matereials to build more.”

Matthews had one more question. “Any word from those we left behind?”

Lawson looked stricken. It hurt her more than she could describe with wordsd to leave anyone behind. “We heard they are still fighting, which diverts forces from surrounding and destroy us. I’m sorry we I am sorry I can not give you better news. Everyone we left behind is a hero, young, old, even children. We wish them good hunting.”

Everyone else in the room murmured. “So say we all.”

Lawson looked down at her watch. “60 minutes to combat jump. Everyone, good hunting.”

Louder and more clearly everyone spoke. “So say we all.”

CIC Saturn

Commander Ramirez: “We jump in 30 minutes at 0645 hours. Good Hunting?”

Pilot: “Why are we light on fighters?”

Co: “Other operations are in progress.”

CIC Mercury

Combat Mercury: “All ships show green, ready for a combat jump.”

Admiral Lawson: “Execute combat jump.”

Combat Mercury: “Marine task force has offset jump coordinates.”

Admiral Lawson: “Verify the coordinates again.”

Combat: “Coordinates confirmed Admiral.”

Combat Mercury: “Check in failure. We are missing half the task force.”

Admiral Lawson: “The other half of the task force has been assigned other objectives.”

Saturn actual: “We have 3 gunships with no vipers?”

Lawson: “They are fresh and back a good punch. We will make due.”

Commander Ramirez: “Copy that, updating battle plans.”

Combat: “DRADIS Contacts ten ship. They are launching raiders. 6 are gunships.”

Mercury XO: “Launch vipers. Execute battle plan.”

Combat: “Missiles inbound. Gunships are trying to maneuver away from our 3 gunships.”

Mercury XO: “Prepare flak. Fire PCM defense.”

Combat: “Gunships are under fire.”

Mercury XO: “Gunships weapons free.”

Combat: “More missiles, Cratus base ships can fire 3 times as fast as the Mercury class.”

Lawson: “Concentrate on the gunships one at a time.”

Combat Saturn: “Under heavy fire. Armor is compromised.”

The deck of the battlestar seemed to fall from beneath their feet as gravity fluctuated. The roar of thunder echoed inside the ship as fire hammered into the lower sections of the vessel.

Combat Saturn: “Structural integrity is dropping. Taking internal damage.Armor Bravo! Armor Bravo!”

The lights in Saturn CIC were off more than they were on. The damage control panel had red spots all over the lower section of the ship. The armor had been shot away and internal damage had been done by a concentration of gun fire.

“This is sick bay. We are flooded with casualties and we ˙have lost emergency and primary power.”

Lawson: “Saturn Emergency Jump now!”

Combat Saturn: “FTL down. Executing hard starboard turn. Showing another armor face.”

Combat Saturn: “We have made the turn.Situation stable.”

Combat Mercury: “We have turned starboard. Saturn is safe for now.”

Combat Mercury: “Cylon fleet is broken.”

“All ships, the toasters are on the run. All batteries set to salvo mode.”

Combat Mercury: “Recall Air wing.”

The Executive Officer, started barking out orders. He was taking charge and taking names as he settled into the job.

XO: Mercury: “Battle plan gives is 30 minutes to re-arm. Get those vipers ready to rock.”

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