Chapter 7 : Battlestar Mercury – Exodus “The Chain of command part 2”

Saturn XO: “New Scorpia space port reports that armed groups have taken Control.

We have been told to expect their demands. They are holding several of our pilots.”

“DRADIS, contacts, several Cylon ships just jumped into the fleet staging area.”

Commander Ramirez: “Fire at them as we jump!”

“DRADIS, contacts, 5 large ships

Three smaller.All are launching raiders. Electronic intercept has possiblle contacts outside of DRADIS range.”

Feeling unqualified for her job took mental notes about her executive officer, Major William McKormick, call sign “Wild Bill” as the 27 year old major gave orders in Saturn’s cramped but efficient CIC.

“Launch all squadrons.Prepare offensive weapons.” She straightened her uniform after giving the order. Wild Bill, was here because he had some experience flying vipers in combat, before being wounded and declared fully disabled. He was short, slightly overweight and like most of the senior officers in this war, looked like he belonged in high school

“Yes commander. All batteries report ready to fire.”

COMBAT: “300 raiders CBDR”

The XO wore a wireless headset, as opposed to the archaic telephone hand set. : He put his index finger on a push to talk button, obscured by out of control, dark brown hair. “All squadrons engage.”

The DRADIS officer spoke next. “Commander, we have nukes inbound!”

Commander Maira “Geek” Ramirez sounded confident in spite of her inner doubts. “Hard turn left,flak right.”

COMBAT: “Cluster nukes inbound. Expect 100 Warheads.”

COMBAT: “Some nukes got through.

“Brace for impact”

The CIC lighting dimmed as the deck shifted sharply beneath everyones feet, Most knew to grip the console or work station nearby. A few inexperienced rookies swayed and fell. A power surge, followed by a drop that took some monitors down for a moment, followed by the roar of the ships structure absorbing energy.

The steady noise of the air wing and various departments chattering vital status reports replaced the echos.

Major Mcormick leaned over to Commander Ramirez and asked softly. “Were we hit?”

The former IT team leader smiled inwardly, suddenly realizing she had experience spoke softly. She was interrupted by the cries of ann NCO who had not grabbed hold of something in time. The young woman’s forehead and face were covered by her own blood. Stunned, she had hit her head.

“That was a near miss,” the commander was loud enough so that everyone could hear. All station submit damage reports. Function check on the FTL drive.”

Taking his queue, the 27 year old Major repeated the last two orders after pressing a button on his wireless headset.

COMBAT: “200 missiles inbound.”

The XO still looked confident, his finger switching channels quickly: “All Defensive batteries, weapons free”

COMBAT: “More missiles inbound.”

“This is XO Amelia Evans distinct voice came out of the speaker Athena, the angle is bad.

Weß are taking fire soon.”

COMBAT: Athena reports armor breach.”

“Athena Actual, executing an emergency turn for

armor protection. We have several small breaches on the engine pod port side.”

“Saturn Actual orders the entire fleet o break right. Maintain formation to protect the Athena. Crash turn right. Now now now”

COMBAT: “Guns are coming into range.”

Commander Ramirez spoke forcefully in a steady voice. “Guns to salvo mode. Auto fire when they have a firing solution.”

Commander Ramirez: “Drop left flak! Fire missiles, Target the nearest base star.”

“Drop flak.”

“Target acquired. Firing!”

COMBAT: “Breach! Cylon Missile fire topside.The flak wont get it!”

The thunderous roar of the ships structure absorbing missile energy drowned out the pilots chatter, reports from anyone else in the fleet for 15-20 seconds. The lights and controls, stayed on with very little being disturbed.

The Major gave a look questioning why things had gone better.

In her heart, Ramirez would always be a geek. This she remembered as she answered her XO’s question before he could verbalize.

“XO,” she spoke in her IT instructors voice, “the back up power systems are supposed to kick in when the surge is detected. After the toasters hacked the fleet two years ago, we have been taking automation really slowly. It’s all explained in your IT briefing book. Those kids work day and night to block new Cylon’s hacks and keep us safe. Until this war that used to be my job.”

“Now Mom trusts you with not only a whole battlestar, but an entire task force.” Something got his attention.

COMBAT: “Target destroyed That’s a base star.”

Saturn Actual: “Target te next one. Keep flak up

During Reload!”

COMBAT: “Guns are coming into Range.”

Ramirez: “Guns to salvo mode. Auto fire when they have a firing solution!”

COMBAT: “Splash two more base stars!”


COMBAT: “Scratch, one guardian class, base star!”

CAG: “They may be breaking.”

COMBAT:”We have a firing solution.”

CAG: “We will assist.”

COMBAT: “Cylons are history.”

Saturn Actual: “Recall the air wing. Begin jump prep.”

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