Chapter 9: Battlestar Mercury – Exodus “Hearing & Recall”

James Wilson, what’s of average height and average build. About 50 in middle age he did not striking memorable impression. He had never served in the colonial military.

Dressed in a suit and a tie, civilian clothing, he was sworn in as a witness in the tribunal. His skin was olive, and his hair was salt and pepper. You have never been to a court proceeding in his life now this military tribunal is not even like what he remembered from the videos before the fall of the colonies.

Bernard Roscoe, the prosecutor smiled invitingly at the witness. He was patient with the man’s unfamiliarity with court proceedings. He spoke slowly and carefully as he asked his probing questions.

“Mr. Wilson, please state your name, age and occupation for the court.”

“My name is James Wilson, I am 50 years old. My job was a communications operator for the new Scorpia spaceport”

“What colony were you born on?”

“Tauron,” answered after taking us breath.

“James, what were you doing the day of the takeover of the space port?”

“I am a communications specialist. I make sure the communications is working optimally between the ships coming into the spaceport and other ships navigating the area I work with the spaceport command to take care of directing traffic to ensure the smooth flow of ships in and out of the spaceport.”

“How did the hostage situation begin?” asked Roscoe.

“It began with a rush of people. They overran registration and just went wild. They were looking around for ships that were docked. Their intention was to force themselves into the ships to escape Cylon invasion.”

“Was there violence?”

Wilson took a deep, deep breath before he continued to answer. “At first it was not much later, when the armed group discovered there were no ships to board. They got nasty.”

Roscoe face had a look of seriousness on it. “Tell me what happened.”

“They came into my office and demanded to see flight plans. I informed them that I was in charge of communications, and I think airspace controllers would have access to flight plans. They didn’t believe me so they quickly got violent.”

“What happened next?”

“They beat me. They knocked me to the ground. They kicked and punched me. They demanded to know when the next ship was coming. They planned to ambush the ship and force the crew to take their families.”

“Did you feel you were in danger for your life at a time?”

Wilson squirmed in his seat, looking uncomfortable. “Yes, sir, I did.”

Roscoes pleasant, folksy, demeanor, disappeared. He looked very serious as he asked his next question. “Did you get in contact with the colonial military while you were being held hostage on the space port?”

“Yes, sir, I did.”

He was a well practiced witness. He never offered more information than the answer to the question he was asked. He was obviously rehearsed. He waited calmly, for the next question is, if he knew what it was going to be.

Roscoe paused and took a breath before he asked the next question. “What did they tell you to do when you contacted them?”

“They told me to be calm. They promised to rescue me. They asked me to run a program for them to allow them to listen to communications in spaceport.”

“Mr. Wilson, did you do what they said?”

“Yes, sir, I did.”

“Sir, did you have occasion to listen to the negotiations between the colonial fleet and the persons holding the spaceport?”

Again, Wilson squirmed uncomfortable in his chair. He looked at the three person tribunal panel. He looked to the prosecutor. Roscoe just stood and stared and waited for his answer. “yes, sir, I did.”

“Those discussions between the colonial military and the hostage takers. Did they appear to be in good faith?”

Commander Ramirez advocate immediately interrupted. “Exception the witness is not an expert on negotiations. This testimony would be irelevant!”

Roscoe gave a big smile and gestured submissively. “I will stipulate that we are not asking for expert testimony. We simply want to know the general tone and mood of negotiations.”

The advocate would not let go. “Then Mr. Roscoe should ask the question in an appropriate way and not a prejudicial fashion.” The young woman stood with her arms crossed, and a confrontational look on her face.

The prosecutor gestured submissively again. “I will voluntarily restate the question.”

The lead judge gestured that was acceptable, and Roscoe continued.

“From your viewpoint, Mr. Wilson, what was the general mood of negotiations?”

“Calm and businesslike.”

“These people were holding hostages. You didn’t hear any threats? There was no intense emotions?”

Wilson said erect in his chair. He stared straight into the eyes of the prosecutor, Colonel Roscoe “Not at all. It was just like videos back home. The man on the Colonial side was very calm, and promised the hostage takers he would bring their concerns to the Command Authority.”

“They didn’t mention Admiral Lawson?”

“No Sir. I could hear the military negotiator talking with someone who was not on the call, Commander Ramirez.”

“Are you sure?” Roscoe asked.

“Yes Sir. Colonial Marines tried to take the spaceport. The marines rescued me but were forced to withdraw from the space port. There was another battle with the Cylons. I was taken to the Battlestar Saturn and was asked to brief Saturn Actual. I mean Commander Ramirez.”

“Mr. Wilson,” Roscoe, gestured. “Did you convey the tone of negotiations in the situation on the spaceport Commander Ramirez?”

“Yes, sir, I did.”

“So you told commander Ramirez at the house to take her or not threatening anybody. The emotional situation before you left the station was calm businesslike?”

Commander Ramirez advocate, stood up and spoke again in a shrill tone. “Exception! The prosecutor is testifying for the witness. The witness was there. The prosecutor was not. I take strong exception to this.!”

“If you had to use one sentence to describe the situation before the marine incursion, what would you say Mr. Wilson?”

“I need more than one sentence.”

Roscoe nodded and gave a “go ahead” hand motion.

“Everybody was tense, because the Cylons were invading. The hostage takers simply wanted a place in line for their families to get off the planet.”

Roscoe smiled and took on his charming folksy demeanor again. Was there any screaming or shouting, or threats being made?”

“No Sir. In fact, when the second Cylon attack began, I was present in the CIC of Saturn. I heard the lead of the hostage takers inform the commander that they would put this on hold, until after the Cylons were defeated.”

“Let me be very clear here, Mr. Wilson. You were present at the negotiations on the spaceport, and for some of the communications in the CIC of the Battlestar Saturn at any time during the discussions you witnessed was there a reason to destroy space station?”

“No Sir,” The space port had DRADIS, confirmed the contacts were Cylon. The said they were going to condition 1 and would support Colonial forces.”

Amanda Ramirez looked angry as your advocate made eye contact with the head judge.

Two weeks ago:

DRADIS: “Contacts 9 unidentified Cylon targets. Commander they are small, fast moving and seem to be spooling for another jump.”

Commander Ramirez: “Action stations!”

Co: “Jump a recon raptor out there.”

LSO: “Launching now.”

Raptor Driver: “Toddler, contacts are Phobos class. 9 of them.”

XO Saturn: “Toddler jump for safety. All ships prepare for nukes. They are trying what They did to Acropolis!”

DRADIS: “Recon Phob just jumped in close.”

CIC: “Radiological alarm! She has nukes!”

Combat: “They’re all spooling. Jump and nuclear release is happening!”

CAG: “Vipers engage!”

Pilots: “Too many nukes some are getting through!”

Combat: “Fleet. Brace for impact.”

Pilots: “Too many nukes some are getting through!”

Combat: “Fleet. Brace for impact.”

CIC Valkyrie: “Hit. Nuclear impact!”

Combat Saturn: “Both Val’s hit. Still on DRADIS!”

Ramirez: “This is the commander.All ships check in electronic. Action plan. Execute. Execute. Execute.”

Pilot: “Phobos down. Nuke headed for Athena’s left flight pod.”

Athena co: “We might lose the pod…”

Unknown voice: “She held together. Port pod has lost pressure.”

Combat: “Phobos down.”

Combat: “Another Phobos down.”

DRADIS: “Contacts, jumping in. Heavy ships.”

Pilot: “Hold off! They are Colonials. Don’t attack. These are friendlies!”

Combat: “Vipers prepare to intercept!”

XO: “These ships are from the scrapyard. New Scorpia your bus is here.”

Commander Ramirez: “Athena jump to the yard for repairs. Rest of the fleet jump with transport to your assigned planet. Saturn will take care of New Scorpia station.”

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