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Wish List

As we are all slowly gaining momentum I thought it might be wise to have a place to post the things that we are currently in need of for what ever particular project we happen to be working on. If somebody needs me to build something or script something so that they can continue with a project they are working on they can either contact me directly or leave a post for me right here. But, in return, I get to do the same. This is where we beg and plead for that particular object, script, or animation that we don’t have, but that we hope somebody else in our group does have it and can share it.

So, since I have your attention…… here is what I am in need of right now:

I need anything resembling office supplies. File cabinets. Wall Posters. Computer looking stuff. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need medical looking equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need gun lockers, supply crates, and anything military looking. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need Gym Equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

My focus right now remains with the battlestar. I am doing my best to get it furnished with just enough stuff to make it feel like a functional battlestar.  I have added 4 different animations around the command table and added animations to the console chairs in CIC.  As of right now you sit in the chairs by sitting on the battlestar emblem on the back of the chair.  I need to rewrite some poseball scripts to fix that. One thing at a time……

Anyway, if you have ANY Full Perm furniture that you feel might be appropriate for the battlestar, please get it to me.  I can add animations to anything that we build, so we are not always forced to purchase what we need. Thanks for listening and keep on buildiing. Find me if you need me.

Xavier Pomegranate