Wish List

As we are all slowly gaining momentum I thought it might be wise to have a place to post the things that we are currently in need of for what ever particular project we happen to be working on. If somebody needs me to build something or script something so that they can continue with a project they are working on they can either contact me directly or leave a post for me right here. But, in return, I get to do the same. This is where we beg and plead for that particular object, script, or animation that we don’t have, but that we hope somebody else in our group does have it and can share it.

So, since I have your attention…… here is what I am in need of right now:

I need anything resembling office supplies. File cabinets. Wall Posters. Computer looking stuff. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need medical looking equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need gun lockers, supply crates, and anything military looking. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

I need Gym Equipment. (Full Perm or at least Modifiable.)

My focus right now remains with the battlestar. I am doing my best to get it furnished with just enough stuff to make it feel like a functional battlestar.  I have added 4 different animations around the command table and added animations to the console chairs in CIC.  As of right now you sit in the chairs by sitting on the battlestar emblem on the back of the chair.  I need to rewrite some poseball scripts to fix that. One thing at a time……

Anyway, if you have ANY Full Perm furniture that you feel might be appropriate for the battlestar, please get it to me.  I can add animations to anything that we build, so we are not always forced to purchase what we need. Thanks for listening and keep on buildiing. Find me if you need me.

Xavier Pomegranate

10 responses to “Wish List

  1. Have you tried checking Marketplace for free low prim things? Ive been surprised many times at the quality and quantity of free full perm items there.

  2. Xavier Pomegranate

    Hi Kami. I am so busy with scripting and animating that I don’t really have the free time to go looking for stuff. I am hoping that some of the other people on this project who don’t really know how to build or script will invest some time in hunting for needed items. Your suggestion is excellent, and I will eventually go looking for stuff if nobody else will. I just figured my time would be better spent setting up the things we already have.

  3. Dave The Cylon

    Have you considered looking on the web for free mesh products? I know there are some pretty nice models out there for free.

  4. I am always free to look for stuff

  5. I have (own made, ergo full perm) gun lockers.

    I believe I also have atleast some medical stuff.

    And office stuff.

    I will have to gather my search hounds and go deep in to my inventory. LOL

    We can chat inworld about what else I need to look for.

  6. Xavier Pomegranate

    I wish we were able to post images. Can we add a gallery?

  7. I think that if you go to your dashboard and choose “Media” – “Add new” you can. I added some but I don’t know if I have to do something else with the pics once they were uploaded. There is an option to “attach” them to a page, for instance, meaning they may not show up until they have been attached.

  8. Welllll. I did attach 1/2 of my pics to the “Patriot Games” post (according to my media center anyway), but they aren’t showing. I don’t know if they have to go through approval yet, or how or where they should be showing up.

  9. Xavier Pomegranate

    Shmuel will figure it out for us.

  10. Xavier Pomegranate

    I love the photos of the battlestar. But, if anybody is good with texture making, I would love to give some of those plain steel walls a little more detail……