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Welcome to our website.

Contacting us

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In Second Life, you can contact any of our gang, we may need time to get back to you, but we will try to be as prompt as we can.

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Be sure to “Like” us on facebook. Catch the latest updates on Twitter.  Be part of the community and take the fight to the Cylons!

We are not alone. Out there await others. Our fight for survival is just beginning.

Fight like hell or end up there!


Website and Email service

Hey guys im working on something at the moment to get us a full working google website to use to advertise and such once we get off the ground. Il post more as it comes through.

BATTLESTAR MERCURY: New Genesis Prologue

What you are about to read is the prologue for the Sim’s new incarnation. The foreward will explain the genesis of how the following came about, and since this was first passed around, the story has already evolved beyond what I even expected. I can’t take credit for that, that comes from the imagination of those involved. The format may look familiar to some of you, it’s patterned after the work done by the good folks at the Battlestar Prometheus website.

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Welcome to the new Battlestar Mercury

Where great role play games start is with great stories.

So we will start out, initially without forums with a means of publishing and commenting on stories.

150,000 years ago, Admiral Adama died, on his hilltop in solitude.  Of all the survivors of the Colonies, mankind descended from a cylon-human hybrid child.

Adama’s final orders were to destroy the technology, but circumstances prevented this. At least one raptor was abandoned and buried on the earth. Perhaps another elsewhere in the solar system.

What if Sam did not fly into the sun, but slingshot around to a dark place, where he and Galactica eventually died. Died with hard disks and media that could be read.

A world, the not to distant future discovers this technology and begins to reach out into the stars. The cylons did not die out either and they are out there, changing.

Earth can use this technology to save a world in deprivation, or sink into a chaos as seen in the book series, “The Hunger Games”.

Do you want to post great stories and participate in the discussion? Sign up for an account, notify us and we’ll upgrade and give you publishing rights.

Shmuel & Eva