Long Overdue introduction and plans!

Hey guys for those of you that don’t know me yet, I’m Elena. Im coordinating a lot of the stuff at the moment. I have a station in space at the current moment, a battlestar rezzed and we now have a wonderful town! An arena will be coming soon but we need to meet in world. If possible could ANYONE that is available tomorrow IM me in world and we can meet on sim and discuss things. Just search elena munro or torresalpha12 i have some good ideas that i think we can make happen that include multiple ships including one that WE build not the original battlestar. Thanks! I should be on almost all day tomorrow!

3 responses to “Long Overdue introduction and plans!

  1. I’ll be inworld today (afternoon/evening/night Euro time).

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  3. Xavier Pomegranate

    I would advise some caution with deciding upon a completely new battlestar build. I have already built several, and it is a long and tedious process. On top of that, if you have multiple builders permissions tend to get screwed up or something can’t get moved or modified when needed. This is not to say that it can’t be done. I am only saying that there are more factors to consider than simply building a new ship. We would need to be sure the vipers and raptors can fit or we will need new vipers and raptors. We need to make sure the launch and landings of those ships have the same distances or we will need to be modifying all of the scripting. If we go with mesh hulls then openings need to be considered for access between one hull piece and the next and airlock doors. The list goes on and on…….

    I am not trying to sound skeptical regarding a new ship(s), its just that when people get excited about something fresh and new they do not always consider the amount of work that will need to be put into it, and then the builders are put under the gun while everyone else complains that we are not role playing yet. If you really want new ships then you should be prepared to put off role play on those new ships for a few more months. It will take a very long time to get everything built, scripted, and ready for practical use.