Pictures the build of the Patriot Games training area/arena

These pictures are “build in progress”.


5 responses to “Pictures the build of the Patriot Games training area/arena

  1. Xavier Pomegranate

    Nice work on the gallery, Rhonda! I will eventually get around to making one for the battlestar……

  2. I can’t seem to find the arena, I just find this large dome thing which is empty.

  3. If Rhonda passes the LM to the Arena to Cat, then she can help with ideas for setting up weapons rezzers and possibly first aid kits and maybe work with Yev on our unlimited bad guys feature that Yev has in mind.

  4. If “the large dome thing” looks like the bottom pictures, then you were in the training area. I still need to move the interior (that I have so far) from home to the sim.

    The arena is one floor up. Right now, all that is out is the basic structure of the “wilderness scene”. I need feedback as to how much more forest, etc. needs to be out. Just remember to be prim conscious!

    I will start working on the next scene as well. I have several swirling in my head, just putting them to prims is time consuming because I need to find the resources.

    Don’t forget that anything that is being put in to the training area and the arena (including the structure itself) is going to be rez on demand, i.e. everything is going in to rezzers (perms).

  5. Cat would be excellent to work with. She can get with the HG players and get the wants and needs and then we can do as much as possible. I can try to help when Im back, by combining many prims into mesh so we can hopefully do more