Sim still supported. Future after Lindsey. After Shmuel

Lindsey also known as Muffy was our creative storytelling inspiration. She sparked the rebirth of the sim and sadly she has left us, hopefully temporarily due to heavy real life responsibilities.

I can understand. 5 weeks ago I got the flu on the way to Israel and it took 4 weeks to kick it. I literally found it hard to get out of bed, let alone work or log into SL. In two weeks I must go back to Israel for Passover and to assist in the care of my father in law who though he has survived cancer, has been thrown out by his wife of 19 years.

My own mother has recently went through surgery and in need of care as well.

I want to let the community know, I support it. As long as I am working the sim will be funded. We must face facts. If we are to have a sim, we need a driving force. We need someone to be the heart and soul of the place as Lindsey was and as yevka was before that.

I will try to make myself available and I encourage everyone to reach out in any way they can, talk, gmail, this forum. We have a story to tell, a dream to lay out. We shall not let it perish from the realty we know as virtual.

It is my wish to build the sim up to a point where it is self sustaining and I  have no role at all other than silent partner. Though I would not mind a cameo playing a Cain like character.

Stay strong.

Step up.


5 responses to “Sim still supported. Future after Lindsey. After Shmuel

  1. Xavier Pomegranate

    I will continue to build as I have been. When damage control is complete I will dive into setting up the flight system. I will need access to the Athena libraries on bit-bucket again. so, I will need the account name and password.

    If we could just get our Admins to come hang out in the sim for a while I think we could generate the excitement we need through chatting and idea sharing.

    • Shmuel Dubrovna

      If there are issues with the Athena Library, let me know. I’d love to integrate anyone back into the team who wants to contribute. I’m trying to remain behind the scenes/invisible due to concerns my leadership skills do not contribute to success.

      Contace me via gtalk if there are concerns.

  2. Hanna Kestrel

    Hey Xavier-

    Nice to see that you are still around. I have access to the library, I’ll set you up with access to the library files this afternoon. I’ve been studying the code that Agent used for the past two years, and I’ve got it pretty well figured out. If you have any questions, shoot me an email.


  3. I will also continue to build. I am presently building the Patriot Games build “at home”, but I can move it to the sim and build there instead. I just need to know at what height I won’t bother anybody/anything.

    I know I haven’t been present for over a week, but *still gasping for air and sanity* I was internet-less.

  4. Xavier Pomegranate

    It has been requested of me to try and explain all of the features that the new battlestar will have upon its completion. Well, as in all of the previous incarnations, it is always a work in progress…..

    The new battlestar will have all of the old features regarding the ability to launch and land small craft as well as the main turrets for shooting at enemies. The new features that I am currently implementing include:

    * A fully jumpable battlestar that will pull smaller craft along with it during the jump if they are within the flight pods.

    * A new dradis system and LSO system that displays the correct dradis icons and ship profiles on multiple screens.

    * Damage special effects for each deck. (Fires, Steam Jets, Smoke, Falling Electrical wires, and Falling Objects)Each of these things will cause damage to the personal health meter HUDs.

    * Systems that can be made inactive as a result of damage. The damaged systems will be able to be repaired by players by following predetermined multiple step repair procedures.

    * A randomized Damage Control system that determines if any damage occurs as a result of a missile hit and what the damage will be.

    * Overlapping problems that cause repairs to be either simple, complex, or even dangerous.

    Trying to implement all of these things has me stretched to my limit. Eventually we will have medical equipment that will heal, food and beds/chairs to increase stamina, and animated work/repair stations. I am sure I could think of more stuff if given the time. But, what I need most is more people willing to assist on this project.