Let us honor them

With respect for those who were killed in the recent shootings, the final chapter will be delayed. It was agreed by the staff of this project, that posting material with violent or uncomfortable material would be in poor taste until the fresh raw emotions have had time to fade some and we all have had time to process this tragedy.


The fictional violence portrayed in this project is ONLY intended as a means to tell the story of a fictional starship and her fictional crew. The staff does NOT condone real life violence in any way shape or form.

Please hug the ones you love this holiday season. Tell them you love them. Keep them close. Fantasy is fantasy, but real life is all that matters. Keep the spirit of what this season is about in your heart.


Live each day like its your last. Love like the first time you met. Forgive like nothing else matters. Give to others as if they were family. Let the joy and hope and love of the spirit of the season guide you and keep you and stay with you.


So say we all!

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