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A Engineers Entry

A voice rings out in the silence of a dark room a shadow of a man sitting in a chair speaking into a voice recorder in his hand. “It is 0300 in the morning. My nightmares of the games the faces those who I killed for others entertainment haunt me every night. I sit here each night wondering what it was all for? The exams the sweat the tears of becoming a engineer to only end up a unwilling soldier of mutual destruction. Not any more I am no longer a soldier of murder but now a soldier with in the Alliance but it is pretty likely that I could see myself in that accursed position once again. I have secretly started my research again recording them encrypting the files to a code that only the key is hidden. Right now the research is only thoughts and concepts but maybe doing what I do the best will ease those nightmares. The Tigerhawks preformed beyond even the original concept projections there is a possibility that they could even be modified for space flight. But we will see I would have to actually have clearance to the hanger to see them. Well I am going to try and rest seeing that I have put the equations and images of engine plans into my mind but i think it is more because the sun is slowly lifting on the horizon.” He looks out the window a scar slowly weening into the rising light as he clicks off the recorder and slips into a uneasy slumber.

Where for art thou?

Hey guys. I have been a little busy in real life, which is why I have not been in sim as much. I am still here. Fear not. This might be a good posting place for letting each other know where we are and stuff.



What follows is a letter/note card that I received from Krislynn Pennell.  The contents make me hopefull that we can put the past behind us and try our best to press onward for the sake of the Players and all of those BSG lovers out there. It is clear that she has some reservations, but I feel that if we all work together to foster a healthy building/work environment then we can put some fears to rest, heal old wounds, find forgiveness and perhaps even a little understanding and respect for each other.

Krislynn has been a close SL friend of mine for a very long time and she can bring a lot of energy and ingenuity to the table. In time, I think we can make Kris feel comfortable again, despite the rocky past of the last attempted unification/collaboration. Things have been done and said by all sides, things that cannot be undone or unsaid. But, we are a small community of people that all share a love of sci-fi and a love for the BSG series. We must rise above the past or we will find ourselves drug down into another mire of our own making. We have seen it happen again and again. We all know it can be avoided, but we are human, and sometimes we act impulsively with our emotions. We take things out of context, and we make mountains out of mole hills. We need to see it for what it is (or what it was), and move past it.

I am re-posting her letter to me below, with her permission, so that you all can see that she is extending us an olive branch, with some reservations, but reservations that we can easily work with until she is comfortable with us again. We have a chance at being able to make much more rapid progress. Lets not screw it up…….. And, if we are lucky, perhaps Hanna will also return and assist.


Xavier Pomegranate



I was approached by Xavier Pomegranate and asked for assistance in finishing the Battlestar build he is working on. Based on past experiences with the BSG-21 staff and it’s ownership, I will only do so if the following conditions are met.

1) I want it made clear to the BSG-21 “admins” that my work will solely be centered on the battlestar itself. I refuse to invest my time, lindens or effort on anything else related to the sim until such time I feel comfortable with the working conditions.

2) Said work will be my property or the property of Xavier Pomegranate alone. I do not agree to simply hand over any work or ideas to the above mentioned “admins”.

3) I will agree to ignore any past ill will as long as the above mentioned “admins” agree to the same. If there is any unfair or negative actions made towards myself in any way because of past events I will immediately take my work and leave.

These above conditions are not meant to invoke any ill feelings. They are also subject to change depending on how my work with Xavier goes. At this time my trust extends to Xavier alone due to past circumstances but I’m willing to see how things go. I put my heart and soul into that sim once and in the end everything I worked for went to hell. However if this collaboration works and I feel comfortable with the situation my involvement may expand.

Krislynn Pennell

Progress and RP

Hello everyone! If you havn’t seen the notice i have  the application/landing zone area nearly built. I am also working on furnishing the surface so we can start RP soon. I have come up with a basic premise RP until we get the vipers and battlestar finished. We also have our first member! The sim actually does get a fair amount of traffic people just dont know what the sim is for when they run into it. I put together a military starter kit and everything! Going to work on it tomorrow night as well. I work late tonight so i cant work to long when i get home. If anyone has ANY battlestar related building items (objects, scripts, textures, uniforms, etc.) I could really use them so i can start wrapping up some areas so we can start roleplaying! Let me know in game if you have any suggestions at all!